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adoggie said:
what are some competitive neuro residencies? so far, i'm thinking loma linda is a nice place. mayo and cleveland are known for clinical aspects.. and that's what residency is, i'm thinking.

Columbia is probably the top in the nation along with Mass General, Hopkins, Yale, WashU, etc. (e.g. the usual suspects).


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Aug 22, 2003
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having just been through the neuro application process, program-wise, i think the overall strongest programs were Harvard (MGH/Brigham), Hopkins, and UCSF, with Columbia and Penn right behind. Then I'd put Harvard (Beth Israel), Yale, Cornell, Stanford, and UCLA in the second group.

Location is a obviously a different and more personal issue.

Disclaimer: I didn't visit Wash U, Mayo, or Cleveland, etc. so I don't know about those.

good luck!

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