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Jan 22, 2009
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I decided last yr to use the taus mehtod when it came time

and now it is time, in march for test in june

and i just realized after doing all the math, it took 100 days for a first pass? according to info in the FAQ section of taus. and i am pretty srue that means it'l take me 200.

i think im going to have to modify it a bit, but that hurts cus the whole point was to repeat with pass after pass.

2. what order would you reccomend to take the nbme's?

3. and what do u think of this preliminary plan. i scored 160 on nbme in jan. and i have another friend of mine who performed marginally with me in med school, but pulled a 239 with ONLY fa and qbank and world. he did uw twice though. and maybe qbank twice. im not sure. and everybodys expecting me to do the same and it seems impossible with where im at right now in next 3 months no?

anywyas, i need to start NOW. so im going to read goljan rr. i want to finish it by april. so two ch a day with questions i think. im just not too sure whether these questions will be from usmlerx, qbank, world, usmleconsult, robbins qbook, or webpath. i just wanna get the path down. then if there is an appropriate secction in brs phys. i will do that too. and the pharm from fa (or kaplan book if i dont understand)

all the while staying with taus and doing specific q's for what i did that day.

i am hoping by sticking with this, i will have path phys n pharm done by april. which realistically is pushing it.

then i want to annotate micro and behavioral into fa, which i believe to be next in yeild.

then lastly i will tackle biochem. which is lower yeild than above?

then anatomy n embryo n neuro i havnt really figured out yet.

but the problem is im deviating away from taus menthod which is more basic sciences first. instead im going off more path phys pharm from goljan, brs, and fa respectively.

i want to make sure that i get the first pass out of way for the THREE P's so i can have a second. and hopefully a third. and maybe a 2 passes for micro and behavioral. while biochem, anatomy, nueuro, immuno, will get more of a one pass thing

and embryo i might have to skip

but am i being unrealistic with this sorta goals.

am i not looking at 230-240 without being more diligent ( i suppose thats the right word)

my main fear is starting fa and questions too late if my goljan/brs/pharm plan take too long.

as it is quoted in most "what i would of done differently" lists

1. started fa sooner
2. finished more questions

thank you for your time and consideration in this matter