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May 3, 2020
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Hi everyone! I would really appreciate any help/advice. My MCAT score came out on 8/18, and I got a 508. This was my first MCAT. My practice AAMC FLs were 510/506/510/516. I even took the 4th FL, on which I got a 516, a week before my exam :(

I was hoping for a 510-515. MSAR shows a 508 barely cutting the 10th percentile for many schools. I'm now panicking/contemplating if I should retake the MCAT on 9/28 (last accepted MCAT date for most schools). Would give me around 5 weeks to study, but I am a senior and taking online classes.

I'm just worried that if I do the same/get a lower score on my 2nd attempt, it will reflect badly. At this point, leaning towards no retake as I stopped studying after my 8/1 test date. If I keep my 508 score, can anyone let me know if my school list is ok? I think I am a well-rounded applicant. Thank you!!

Already applied (before MCAT score release):
  1. University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences
  2. Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine
  3. Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine
  4. Michigan State University College of Human Medicine
  5. Central Michigan University College of Medicine
  6. Wayne State School of Medicine
Race: South-Asian

Resident: Ohio

Ties: Ohio and Michigan

Currently attending: Senior at a state university in Ohio

Degree: Biology major, chemistry minor, neuroscience concentration, and honors student

MCAT: 508 (128/125/128/127)

AMCAS Verified Science GPA: 3.89

AMCAS Verified Total GPA: 3.92

*** Some hours have been predicted through May 2021***

Clinical Volunteer:
  • Clinic Internship: 100 hours
Clinical Employment
  • ER Scribe: 1,000 hours
  • Pharmacy Technician: 220 hours
Research: 750 hours
  • Primary author of 2 different posters that I presented at 2 symposiums hosted by my university.
***I'm also working on completing a honors research thesis. I've done the experiments/collected all data, just have to write the actual thesis. But, I'm so dumb and only wrote about the overall research project, forgetting to mention that I was working on an honors thesis in my primary AMCAS app :(

Extracurricular Organizations in my University:
  • Muslim Student's Association Member/Event Coordinator: 100 hours
  • Gift of Life (Bone Marrow Drives) Volunteer/Member/Treasurer: 70 hours
  • Alpha Epsilon Delta (National Health Pre-professional Honor Society) Member: 85 hours
  • Tutoring Middle-Eastern refugee children: 135 hours
  • I also did some volunteering through the orgs I am involved with, however, I did not make separate entry and mentioned my volunteer experience in the activity description. Two other volunteering experiences I had, but did not have a separate entry for was the following:
    • I listed the experience name as "AED member" and listed the experience type as "extracurricular", however, mentioned in the description about a valuable volunteering experience I had with AED was the Opening Minds Through Art program, which aims to create a society valuing elders with neurocognitive disorders. I interacted with and encouraged patients to talk about themselves while they painted to help memory retention.
    • I volunteered at drives that registered potential donors for GOL’s bone marrow registry, but I classified my Gift of Life experience as “Leadership- not listed elsewhere” and have the experience name as “GOL volunteer, member, and treasurer”.
Shadowing: 95 hours total (split between ENT, Pathology, General Surgery, and Pediatrics)

Immediate family members in medicine: Father who got his MD in another country, but graduated from a residency program connected to Wayne State.

**WARS score seems to be 66.

Prospective School List:

My state schools: Ohio State, University of Cincinnati

Others: University of Illinois, Sidney Kimmel, Drexel, UVA, VCU, EVMS, Miami, Albany, NYMC
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Sep 15, 2012
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You should apply to your other state public schools- Wright State and NEOMED. You could also add these schools:
Ohio State
Medical College Wisconsin
St. Louis
Virginia Commonwealth
George Washington
West Virginia
Seton Hall
New York Medical College
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