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Hi everyone ,
I am a new member . Just want to say hi and get to know everyone.
I found this web site while searching on the internet to find some common interview questions to prepare for my interview at MCPHS-Worcester. I am glad that I find this website . I have got addicted to this forum for the last whole month, but there was somthing wrong with my id, so i could not login.

A littlle about myself. I am a pre-pharm student. I am applying to 4 pharmacy school this year. Have not heard anything from three. but got acceptance letter today for MCPHS-accelerated program in worcester.
I read from this forum that MCPHS is not a good school ? why is that ? does anyone has any ideas ? should i go to this school ?or should i wait to reapply to other schools next year ?


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Jan 16, 2004
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    LLVD, congrats on your acceptance to MCPHS. I've heard and read some negative things about the Boston campus program and its admissions office, but I don't recall hearing anything negative about the Worcester program. I applied to this school, but pulled my app after gaining acceptance elsewhere. In dealing with their admissions office, they impressed me as being very organized and professional. I don't know if this is a reflection of the rest of their program. Since I hadn't heard much about Worcester, I was going to check out the school as they were checking me out during the interview. But I ended up canceling my interview. How did the school impress you when you interviewed?

    I wouldn't turn down an admission to Worcester based on a few postings on SDN - especially if the alternative is to wait until next year. When I was considering Worcester, I don't recall reading anything that dissuaded me from going there. Hopefully, a student from Worcester will read your post and respond. If not, perhaps you could do a seach on SDN and find a few students that attend Worcester and PM them.

    Again, congrats on your acceptance at Worcester, Microbus


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    Apr 6, 2004
      Im currenlty In Henderson State in Arkansas.
      congrats on ur acceptance. I applied to 5 schools, rejeceted from2, 1 interview( have no reply yet), and still to hear from the other 2.
      microbus and Muscique , thank for your respond . make me feel welcome to this forum.
      Keiki and TotalKayOs? are you guys from that school or the one in boston ?

      I am just wondering if you guys could tell me anything about MCPHS -Worcester. do you know anything about the school ?
      I just deposit the money. But not sure if I would go. B/c if I go to school in Worcester, I have to leave my significant other here. So I am l thinking of waiting until next year to apply to my first choice school. That means I will lose 1 and a half-year. And there is no warranty that I will get accepted next year. For that reasons, I need some information about the school to make my decision. Can anyone help? thank you very much.
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