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Nov 27, 2007
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First off, I would like to say how great this forum is! Mostly as a bystander reading threads and not so much participating up until now, but it really has helped me get pumped up for vet school in a time of quarter-life crisis!

I was wondering if anyone who was expecting to hear back from Murdoch for the July-intake round has heard anything. I am using a middle-man (AustraLearn) and was given the impression I would hear back in April. I have still heard nothing and I ended up having to pay the fee to SGU to hold my spot to meet the deadline! Nothing wrong with that, but I wish I had been able to choose by my own freewill! So, will probably see the SGUers in Aug. :luck:

Anyway, enough rambling, but has anyone heard from Murdoch either directly or through a source? Just out of curiosity :) I may still change my mind.... !