Next Job for Someone Applying this Cycle

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May 3, 2024
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deciding between job opportunities as clinical research coordinator at top med school and medical assistant at a university hospital that would have me bouncing around many clinics/working with many doctors.
what would you recommend based on my past experience to bolster my app. already submitted primary so the new job would just be mentioned in secondaries/update letters

past experiences:
1600 hours Ophthalmic technician - heavy patient interaction, autonomy in direct patient care
400 hours clinical research - direct patient interaction
600 hours nonclinical microbiology research
400 hours nonclinical research in exercise phys, 2 publications in low impact journals
412 hours clinical & nonclinical volunteering in hospital
340 hours nonclinical paid work in mental health
have shadowing, other club experiences, mentoring experience.

also going to be volunteering in diff hospital for upcoming year, so will continue to have clinical interactions in that regard. thanks in advance!

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I think you've got plenty of clinical experience. I do think you need some more nonclinical volunteering outside the hospital at a food shelter or homeless shelter (something w/ the underserved). As for the job dilemma presented, I would go for the research position if it pays comparably to the other one in hopes of getting my name on a cheeky pub or two.
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