NMS/AOA scramble

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Mar 22, 2008
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Hey guys!

MS4 currently applying AOA and was just wondering what the general protocol for the NMS scramble was. From glancing over threads here, it seems like the general protocol is..

1) AOA match results get released
2) Unfilled spots are revealed at noon.
3) Applicants email desired unfilled programs w/ application and hope for a response/acceptance.

Does anyone have any general advice in regards to the AOA scramble or what they did if they went thru the experience? Is calling better then email? (Cause I imagine the clinical education's phones will be slammed during all this chaos). Also if anyone had a document of the 2018 unfilled spots, that would be absolutely amazing as well. Thanks for all your help everyone!

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I didn't go through it, but I have friends who did. You are correct on the general protocol. From the sounds of it, a combination of email and phone calls is the most common. The people I know who scrambled sometimes had faculty also making calls/sending emails putting in a good word for them.

Hope this doesn't happen to you, but best of luck if it does.
Went through this last year for EM. I emailed, as well as called. The places I applied changed their voicemail to tell applicants to apply via ERAS and to email. Faculty with connections to a particular program may call and email on your behalf as well. Last year, some unfilled spots showed up between 0900-1000.

I applied to 2 programs, got a phone interview the Friday after, and unfortunately didn’t get the spot.

Not sure what specialty you’re going for, but don’t make my mistake and forgo completely or withdraw from the ACGME match. There are many former AOA Programs in it.

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