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Jul 12, 2016
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Hey all,

I'm in quite a unique situation right now and I am looking for any and all advice on where to go from here.

A brief overview:

I'm currently a rising senior at Brown University finishing up a Business-Sociology degree, however, over the past two years, I've developed a fond passion for medicine and learning. I had kind of given up on any possibility of heading to med school because I have yet to fulfill any of the requirements. Even with my lack of hope, I have been buying the basic bio/chem/neuro textbooks from the bookstore and reading them on my own time.

Recently, though, I stumbled upon the fact that there are post-bac pre-med programs that seem to be in existence for people like myself. I know the programs can differ (sometimes vastly) depending on where they are, so I understand if advice is somewhat difficult to give.

To complicate things even further, I play soccer at school and am hoping to get a couple trials in the early spring time. Ideally, I would play for 1-2 years to make some money and further prepare myself.

After speaking with a couple close friends who are headed to med school themselves, they recommended reaching out to this community for further guidance.

I am unbelievably driven, so I know it is possible, and would appreciate any and all advice on how to plan out the next couple years.

Thanks all.

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From personal experience, if you have any hopes or dreams of anything other than medicine, you should either pursue them and forget about medicine or realize that you realistically need to give those other things up. The time you spend playing soccer will be great for your application, provided you at the same time also: maintain straight A's in all your UG science classes, do more clinical hrs than a season E.R., spend more time volunteering than Mother Theresa, and spent every free moment prepping for the MCAT.

Just browse SDN for the horror stories of people with high MCATS, strong GPA's, and tons of EC's that still get wait-listed or don't even get interviews. If you do all of the above things perfectly, you have about a 50% chance of getting into medical school. Each of those things you fail to accomplish decreases those chances. I saw a guy at the gym the other day wearing a shirt that pretty much sums up the premed journey: "I will when others won't."