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Aug 2, 2019
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Hi All!

Wondering if you discussed your previous work experience within your diversity essays and how that will bring a unique viewpoint to the classroom. The current diversity essays I have been writing focus on my time spent volunteering with under-served populations, but as I think about it more my work business consultant for ~5 years will likely contribute to a diversity of viewpoints in the classroom. I'm debating trying to discuss both (volunteering and work) in my diversity essays. Interested to hear other's thoughts and what has been successful for you all!!


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Dec 30, 2017
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I think that many (if not most) of the accepted students will have at least some experience with underserved populations, but your expertise in the business world would provide a valuable perspective for your classmates that is probably fairly unique. There is a lot of business in medicine and it would help to have an expert in the mix.
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Sep 28, 2015
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Experience with underserved populations should not be your focus for a personal diversity statement as a non-trad. Any of the traditional applicants can just as easily bring those experiences to the table. The school wants to know what makes YOU someone that will add diversity to the class, so focus on things that traditional applicants are unlikely to have experience with. So, interpersonal skills from working in a professional environment are a good example of something that will allow you to bring diversity to a class since most of your peers will not have those experiences.
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