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Discussion in 'UK & Ireland' started by lavendar84, Nov 28, 2005.

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    If any of you chose to study in the UK instead of US/Canadian Schools, why did you make this decision?

    I noticed that there is a trend for a lot of US/Canadian students who have lower GPA's trying to apply to overseas schools, but I'm not wanting that answer.

    So personally, my main reasons are as follows:

    - my partner has a wicked job offer in London, UK
    - I love Europe. I spent most of my life living in Europe, and miss it a lot
    - the healthcare system is much different in the US than in the UK. I'm from Canada, and I would never want to be a physician in the US unless I was doing primarily research (Here is a good article why
    - While I love Canada, I need to escape the North American, materialistic, superficial atmosphere. I've lived in 3 different continents, and I must say that while there's so much more opportunities in North America, we still have a lot to learn in terms of culture

    So what are your reasons for chosing the UK over NA?
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    Thanks for sharing that article. The biggest con I see for becoming a doctor in the UK is the finances: I've already invested lots of money into my education. Will the return even be able to compensate for that, should I decide to stay in the UK?

    On the other hand, I have to echo the author. Can you really place a dollar amount on comfort? When I think about my current standard of living, will I be able to achieve that as a doctor in the UK? When it comes down to it, I didn't decide to pursue medicine for the money. Most doctors will happily tell you that there are many easier ways to earn it, anyway. But the concern over how I am going to fill my obligations to my lendors is still well-placed.

    I am applying to UK schools as well as US schools, but I am considering UK schools seriously because of the reasons you yourself have listed. I want to have a structured experience of the UK, to find out if it fits me better. I know what the US is like. What I don't have is that broader perspective. Whether I get that through a few international electives or by an international medical degree -- that's what I need to decide. =)
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  3. Excellent article.

    My reasons are pretty straight forward.

    - I like North America but i want a new cultural experience. I moved from Canada to the USA and there is little difference. It is time to go somewhere new

    - Truthfully, the idea of going to a medical school that has been around for 300+ years is VERY attractive for me. I love tradition, and to be apart of something like that is a once in a lifetime thing.

    - My experience with Europeans is that the lifestyle there is much "slower". Not in a bad way, but much less of a rat race that americans and canadians, have created for themselves. Im excited to immerse in that culture.

    - On the other side. I would probably come to the USA in order to pay my debt. Then, after 5 years of being in the UK/Ireland, i would have known if it was where i would want to be and go back.
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    I would echo the articles sentiments... and for the god's sake a doctor's quality of life in any country hmmm it would be hard for me to have much sympathy for any individual complaining in such a circumstance.

    Nonetheless, my questions are:
    1. timeline for acceptance?
    2. requirement of mcat, etc?
    3. credible schools to apply to?
    4. accepted in EU, UK, Canada, Australia or US?
    5. My objective is to practice Emergency medicine in one of the above countries. I am a US citizen with the potential of acquiring EU citizenship.

    Your help is invaluable.


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    Advice withdrawn.

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