Not sure of what do to, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Jul 2, 2013
New York City
Podiatry Student
Hey guys, so in October I got my acceptance letter to NYCPM - January Class. I was taking the last two classes I needed for my Bachelor's, and now that the semester is over I think there might be a chance that I didn't end up passing one of those two classes, in which case I won't get my Bachelor's degree. I know NYCPM does not require I have an undergraduate degree, but if I don't end up getting it (still preying for that C) what should I do? If I continue on the Podiatry track could it come back to haunt me that I came a class away from an Undergraduate Degree? I'm not going to have the opportunity to retake the class one Pod school begins. Thanks so much!


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Jul 6, 2013
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Could you possibly retake the courses in the summer to get your undergraduate degree? The main problem with not finishing your undergraduate degree is that should you have trouble completing podiatry school for whatever reason, you would not have the undergraduate degree that would allow you to apply for the many other jobs that require a B.S./B.A. for you to even be considered. Besides academic failure, unexpected life events can happen that can preclude your ability to finish school. Having the undergraduate degree could help secure you at least that level of eligibility for gainful employment. That's just my two cents.