Nova International PharmD Program, Question regarding reference letter

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Dec 14, 2006
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I have applied for International PharmD program at Nova southeastern university,Florida.
Requirement for this program is candidate must hold a 4 year pharmacy degree.
As part of admission process Nova says that a letter of reference from Dean Of Pharmacy school(that candidate has attended) should be submitted.
And also a letter from a Pharmacist is preferred.
I was not able to submit letter from Dean of pharm school as I am from India, and as the old dean is no longer with the school I attended.

I could not get a letter from Pharmacist either as I don't know any pharmacists in USA.

I was able to obtain LORs from 3 professors who taught me in Masters.
One of the professors now is a Program officer with ACS(Amerocan Chemical Society).
I hold MS in chemistry.

what are my chances of being accepted with out LORs from Pharmacy Dean and Pharmacist.

Would appreciate response(s) on this.



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Feb 5, 2007
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Y dun u explain the situation in writing to the school? I had issues with overseas transcripts and obtaining certain documents etc from overseas too. I tried to put anything that I felt disadvantaged my application but I had legitimate for in writing. Just a suggestion, I'm not sure how effective it is but its better than not trying.



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Nov 22, 2008
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You should really contact the school and see what the say. Otherwise your app will be considered incomplete without those requirements.
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