NOVA vs Denver PsyD

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Mar 20, 2009
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I am looking into the differences between NOVA and Denver PsyD programs... I like both of the programs, but find several differences between the two. For example, Denver has a smaller incoming class size (35 rather than 80). Is anyone else making this decision? Any info is much appreciated!

Also, I find Spalding University to be a great fit... All of these decisions are becoming a bit overwhelming and would love advice at this point! :)

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Well i guess im a little biased because i am a current student in the NOVA program. I can tell you that the school has a great positive atmosphere! And yes we did have like 75 PSY D students enter in my class, we have 33 Psychologists on faculty, some with big names. So there is alot of interests they you can explore with a particular professor and the large class size equals alot of peer support. Plus south florida is usually warm and sunny!:thumbup: