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Mar 21, 2016
I am from western suburbs of Chicago, and I am looking to get some Inpatient, nursing home hours for my application. I am calling all the hospitals and leaving messages but not getting any reply. Can I get some idea how to go about this.

Jul 4, 2016
Pre-Physical Therapy
South Side of Chicago right here. I got nursing home inpatient hours near my school, Indiana State University. Try to find nursing homes where they do physical therapy in the same building. I called one place and they said to come in whenever and it was as easy as that. Best of luck!
Dec 25, 2015
I went into a nursing home down the street from my house in Des Plaines. They let me start the next day. Most of the hospitals have a (pain in the butt) process that takes months to get in. It took me 3-4 months to finally start volunteering at RIC. Look into the nursing homes around your area and just visit them.