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Discussion in 'Medical Students - DO' started by melon1, Jul 15, 2000.

  1. ..wondering if anyone knew of any movement on the NYCOM "Accept/Hold List"

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    No movement. I was told that the list will be ranked at the end of July. Don't you think it's kind of unprofessional to inform us of where we stand until three weeks before classes start. As far as people being accepted three days before classes start, where does that leave us concerning loans, apartments, vehicle registration, and the thousand other things we'll need to do while being bombarded with med. school curriculum. It just doesn't seem fair to leave us hanging for so long. And don't get me started on their lack of consideration. You'd think that they'd at least send us a letter saying that we are in the "Accept/Hold" category; along with a def. of "Accept/Hold." Good luck. I'm sweating it out with you. By the way, have you applied for 2001?
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    yes- i agree that its a bot fustrating- i found out i was on the accept/hold list over the phone- i thought they didn't reallt rank it though.
    i also agree about knowing very late- hopefully i won't hear 3 days b/f...i live in siuth jersey and would have a difficult time financially....

    yes- i reapplied but the accomas people are not moving- what's the point of me applying early- i wanted to get my app. in early- it doesn't seem like taht's happeneing

    good luck!!!!

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