Feb 19, 2010
Hey All,

Wondering your thoughts on attending NYCPM or TUSPM. Both have their draws, but just wanted to get a feel for other opinions. Reputation? Residency placement? Atmosphere? Scholarship? etc...

Feb 18, 2010
Medical Student
Both schools are great. Both have large clinics with a diverse group of patients.

New York has great housing, lots of choices. Temple does not have that much of a choice for campus sponsored housing.

New York is cheaper. However, it is in Harlem. When I went there for an interview, I did not get the most welcome feeling. New York is New York, for good and bad.

Temple is more expensive. You get the same education basically. You have to base it on how you feel. I felt better at Temple. I like being part of the larger health care system as well.

Philly is kind of like a mini NY. Both schools are great and you will find that the education levels are comparable. It all boils down to where you feel is best for you.

If I had to make your mind for you, I'd say Temple (because I really liked it and am going there). However, I can't do that for you, sorry!