1. DOdreamsw

    VCOM/ BLUEFIELD MABS program 2022-2023

    Hello everyone , I saw the previous threads and thought i’d create one for the 2022-2023 cycle! Please post below if you’ve applied to the MABS program at bluefield along with your stats and where you are in the process :)
  2. C


    Hello All!! I am having trouble deciding between two schools PCOM-PA and VCOM-VA. I have to decide soon to put a deposit down! For reference, I am from a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. PCOM is about 4.5 hours and VCOM is about 5.5 hours. The closer the better. I have visited both schools after the...
  3. D

    VCOM Anki Cards

    Hello Fellow VCOM Students, I’ve heard there is a VCOM anki deck for pre-clinical classes. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get it? Any help would be much appreciated. Feel free to PM me. Thanks so much!
  4. malicky98

    NYITCOM(Arkansas) vs ARCOM vs VCOM (Louisiana)

    NYITCOM (Arkansas) 48k tuition Pros More established Closer to home (8 hour drive) No mandatory attendance, lighter dress code Pass/Fail Affiliated with a larger University/ shared campus Clean and new looking campus Resonates with my wanting to provide medicine for the underserved...
  5. D

    VCOM Campuses

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone could help out and give their opinions on the different campuses and what the positives/negatives are for each. They now have a Louisiana campus making the decision between the 4 campuses harder. Thank you so much!
  6. M


  7. anovas

    SJB in PR vs VCOM-Auburn

    San Juan Bautista School of Medicine in Puerto Rico vs Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Auburn Campus. Hello! I am making this post because I need honest opinions as to best choice here. I am leaning towards SJB, although I understand that both choices have some dilemmas (MD outside...
  8. S


    VCOM - CC + Cheaper tuition ~$45,500 + Less moving throughout medical school + Clinical experiences every Friday + Clinical years spent in hospitals + 100% Match rate + Cheap cost of living - Mandatory lecture attendance - Letter grading system - Far away from home ATSU - SOMA + I'm from...
  9. Megustagatos


  10. D

    DMU vs VCOM vs CCOM/MWU vs TouroCOM/NY

  11. PTPuser

    2019-2020 VCOM/Bluefield MABS Program

    Hi, everyone! Not sure if there's a thread already for this cycle on this program, but if there is, I apologize. Tried searching but couldn't find any. I'm applying to this program after a terrible second MCAT attempt. Which I believe no school will even consider me for their traditional...
  12. AcaffinatedMinD

    2018-2019 Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (Auburn)

    Hey guys here's the prompt for the 2018-2019 Secondary for all the VCOM campuses. They are the same questions as the ones last year as well. 500 words maximum for each one. 1. Describe the top three reasons you have chosen osteopathic medicine as your professional choice in becoming a physician...
  13. Rogue42

    What are my Chances / Chemistry Requirement help

    My Stats are as follows: I am Small Town (less than 10,000) Tennessee resident, and I attend a public in-state University -Microbiology Major -3.61 Overall GPA, 3.9 non-science, 3.50 Science -200 shadowing hours in surgery, internal medicine, anesthesiology, and family medicine through ETSU's...
  14. D

    LECOM-Bradenton vs. VCOM-Auburn

    I have interviewed at both schools and really liked both. I'm having issues deciding. I learn best via conversation, talking things out. So the Lecture style at VCOM versus the PBL at LECOM isn't as cut and dry a choice. In the lecture, I am listening for hours. In PBL I am reading all day...
  15. PolypFiction

    Edward Via COM - Carolina Campus (VCOM-CC) Discussion Thread 2017-2018

    Hey everyone! I didn't see a thread for the Class of 2022, so I figured I'd post one. I've been accepted and am looking forward to meeting everyone else soon. Feel free to post here any questions you have about the admissions process, interviews, campus etc.
  16. Rogue42

    DO Late Admission for DO school advice

    Hey guys, I am having a really hard time trying to find any solid information on exactly how much longer the DO cycle is than the MD. It is well understood that September is pretty much the latest date to apply for an opportunity for MD school; however, I have not found anything that specific...
  17. M


    ive been accepted to vcom Carolinas and Marian university. I'm having trouble deciding. Which do you think is better? Feel free to add to the list of pros/cons Vcom Pro Closer to home (Miami,Florida) More likely to get residency in south east Older 40k Con I didn't really vibe with the...
  18. Vokounfan


    New thread for the VCOM/Bluefield post bacc program!
  19. ididthedew

    ACOM vs. VCOM-Auburn

    Hi, everyone! I am well aware that there are at least 2 different threads on ACOM Vs. VCOM-Auburn, BUT I wanted to post another one so there can be a more updated version. It would be great to just hear opinions of students (current & past, as well as potential students that have recently...
  20. M

    VCOM - Auburn, Rural rotation sites, Jack Hughston, 3rd, 4th year rotations

    I am all over the place so pls bear with me and please help me. 1) what is the criterion to get assigned a rotation site, lottery, grades? Jack Hughston is a "ortho" hosiptal predominantly so how will students get to rotate in all areas that students at hospitals do? 2) Do students get to pick...
  21. D

    PCOM-PA vs VCOM Post Bacc

    PCOM-PA: 2 year masters (can leave after 1 year if desired and will earn a certificate), >3.0 GPA in program gives guaranteed interview for their DO program VCOM: 1 year certificate program, guaranteed admission to VCOM DO program upon meeting criteria during December and March benchmarks with...
  22. G


    Hi everyone! I could really use some guidance here. I already paid my deposit at WVSOM back in December but I was recently accepted to VCOM-VA and loved it there too. I am so torn! Please help. Side note: I will be keeping an open mind about what field I want to go into until clinical rotations...
  23. T

    ou-hcom-ohio vs edward via-virginia

    I have lots of interest in attending both schools. They both seemed very similar and I am having a hard time choosing between the two. -Tuition is not much of a factor because ohio U increases their tuition for years 3 and 4 making it only negligibly cheaper overall. -I like the location of...
  24. D


    Hey guys, I would like to get the opinion of the people here at SDN on these two schools. I have acceptances from each one. I'm trying to sit down and figure out which school would be best for me in every aspect (money, distance, etc.). Maybe you guys can help me figure this out. Thanks...
  25. B

    DMU vs. VCOM (VA)

    I been accepted into both schools. Both appear to have good facilities. (Anatomy lab). Both have good research opportunities. I know DMU is more established than VCOM, but is VCOM considered established yet (opened 2002)?
  26. F

    VCOM-CC vs Campbell

    Hey everyone, Could someone give some insight in choosing between these schools? I went into the VCOM interview without any expectations, and left the day incredibly impressed by the facilities, the friendliness and dedication of the professors, and the high tech building and resources. It was...
  27. Supermanwife

    2017 Post Bacc Vcom

    Hi everyone. Just starting a thread for 2017 VCOM post bacc program (graduate certification program). Best of luck to all....
  28. M

    Getting into formal post-bacc

    Hello, I am a rising undergraduate senior planning for plans after graduating. I currently have about a 3.07 cumulative and 2.56 science GPA, and I am very interested in going into a DO program. Before that, I am interested in going into a formal post-bacc program such as VCOM for its reserved...
  29. D


    Hi everyone, I have to ask you for some advice. So I've been accepted to VCOM-South Carolina and ATSU KCOM in Kirksville. I need to decide by this Friday between these two schools, and was hoping you had some advice or have heard a little bit about these schools. I loved so many things about...
  30. NurseCapitanKirk

    Advice for a ED nurse applying to medical school?

    I just wanted to see what you guys think of my chances of getting into an osteopathic medical school, and based off my scores, where I should be applying. I received my bachelors of Science in Nursing from The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE) and have been working as a registered nurse in the...
  31. NewTab

    Two Questions

    (1) Is it too late to apply to DO schools? (2) How hard is it to get into either VCOM's or LECOM's postbac? I have 3.6 GPA and some decent volunteering. Thanks!