NYMC Class of 2009

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KNightInBlue said:
Anyone know any good mexican restaurants close by?

Cactus Jack's on 9A. The address is 210 saw mill river rd in elmsford if you want to mapquest it. It's easy to get there. As you're driving out of the student housing buildings, make a right onto the first road you come across (Sunshine Cottage Rd). Follow this curvy road down and then make a right onto Dana Rd. Then go down this road and make a left onto Saw Mill River Rd (aka Route 9A). Then go down for a few minutes and it'll be on your left. There's also a Taco Smell down this road if that's the kind of Mexican food you want, hehe.

ruwan said:
mods? do you know which ports are open.

I've only tried IRCing from the mods, which is 666*.

Be forewarned, you're going to be REALLY disappointed with the IT Dept at NYMC and your networking needs. And this ain't limited to blocked ports.

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