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Jun 23, 2001
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Ok guys,
I think something about this was posted a few weeks ago. I can't add all my classes to the small number of cells they leave us. And the document seems locked, so I can't add cells to the table. How did you guys get around this??



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Sep 3, 2002
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well here's my situation right now........i downloaded NYU's Application for the 2004 entering class extremely early i think in february or march.......and back then the word document they had was NOT LOCKED so i can edit it and add rows to my college courses without any's a lot more cleaner this way......but do you guys think that the adcoms will be pissed because i didn't follow their VERY STRICT format of entering courses....i mean all i'm doing is adding a few more rows to fit in all of my classes.....or do you think i should use NYU's locked version and stay within their boundaries and attach extra sheets of course work, which is a lot more uglier......i know this is stupid but any input????
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