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Sep 26, 2006
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Do they use common names in the O. Chem. section? I'm just curious if I should study up on those. Thanks!

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I'm not quite sure what you mean by "common names". Do you mean like Lindlar's catalyst? If so, at least on my test, I don't think any common names were used.
I would probably know the most used common names ie: acetylene, ethylene. Definitely know IUPAC. Names like oxirane etc. you probably can skip. Maybe know the substituted aromatics ie: toluene, xylene, aniline etc.
I know we need to know product reactions but do we need to know the synthesis reactions? Synthesis of amino acids, ketones, etc?
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I would say to study basic concepts and reactions rather than spending time on complicated synthesis reactions. Most of this section is VERY basic rules/rxns you just need to review.
The best way to study for the o.chem section on the OAT is to study from a MCAT o.chem book. Unlike the previous post, i didn't get 400 on ochem, but I did score a 380, which is like 96-98 percentile?
Thanks for the advice. The thing is that I'm currently in Organic 1 & am taking the OATs on 11/10 so I'm just learning the "important" stuff but I didn' know exactly what was "important" I am learning all reaction products for the alcohols, amino acids, aldehyde/ketones etc
There was a good amount of OChem II on my test, but like they've said it was pretty simple stuff. Just be sure you make some time to look over that stuff, especially since you haven't taken the class yet.
In my opinion, they expect you to know all the names for basic compounds. I thought this section was extremely difficult (Kaplan does not prepare you because they focus on reactions which is not the test material, at least in my case). In the end it was okay because the scaled score somehow helped me and I was fine