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Apr 30, 2002
    Just wondering if anybody can fill me in about the advantages and disadvantages of having both a master of vision science and an OD comparing to a regular OD in term of practice opportunities, growth, salaries etc.

    I am considering getting an MS in vision science before applying for the OD program. Does anybody know how competitive is the MS program and whether or not it has any advantage later when I'm applying for an OD. Also, if you know which schools have such programs that fits by my credentials or any other suggestions/info about the MS or OD programs would be appreciated.

    GPA: 2.7 .. B.S. biology, minor chem
    OAT: awaiting for Oct. result
    ECs: shadow 2 ODs and volunteer in 2 departments of a hospital
    Status: nervous about my OD applications and finding a backup plan!!
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