Gift for my boss (OD)

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Oct 17, 2020
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I'm looking to get a card + gift for my boss. She was the OD that wrote a LOR for me and was the one who took me into her clinic with absolutely no experience in the optometric field. I doubt I would've been accepted into various OD programs without her intervention and the amount of information I've learned this past year has been limitless.
A little background about her:
  • Around 40 years old
  • Works out + healthy diet
  • She is stressed - has been running the practice completely alone as the two other part-time doctors have quite during COVID and we've been adapting to completely new EMR software recently
  • Has a family
  • Not quite sure what hobbies she has
Any suggestions for a token of my appreciation? I'm considering a gift card for a massage or something similar.

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Card. Jar of sugar-free sucker candy in an optometry decorated with eye glasses stickers and her name.


Simply a card will do, and maybe ask for a photo op with her
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TJ Maxx or Marshalls sell some really high end, good quality candles for under $20... maybe you can pick one up along with a thoughtful card
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My OD loves her Starbucks and I knew she would appreciate a reusable coffee cup. So I got her a coffee cup with a lid and a Starbucks coffee mix.