*~*~Official Personal Statement Guide and Reader List 2021-2022~*~*

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This thread is for this year's applicants who are beginning to work on their personal statements. If you're looking for someone to read your PS, check out the list of volunteers below In the most recent post ONLY!!

Link to last years Personal Statement Reader thread HERE

If you are willing to volunteer, the thread will be self regulated. Respond below, following the instructions at the end of this post, with your credentials and specific things you are willing to edit for (content only, grammar only, etc). Please read the full list of rules posted below before you volunteer or contact a reader, and good luck to the 2020-2021 applicants!

Specific comments, questions, or complaints can be addressed to myself or any other pre-medical moderator via PM. If I can't answer them they will be forwarded to the rest of the pre-medical senior moderator staff.

Official Personal Statement Guide thread, Alejandro's Personal Statement Advice, and Depakote's Personal Statement Guide/Tips.
  • If you are looking for feedback on your personal statement, it is better to PM individual users here whose strengths are better suited to your needs rather than posting a response in this thread.
  • Once you contact a reader and they agree to read your personal statement, please email it to them as a Word document with your SDN username in the title. Including your SDN username makes it easier for the readers to keep track of who they've already read for and who they still need to read. DO NOT JUST PM YOUR STATEMENT TO A READER.
Rules for Readers:
  • If you would like to be added or deleted from the list, please make sure that you follow the directions below, and add or delete yourself.
  • As a volunteer, you may read as many or as few personal statements as you'd like or have time for. If you will be unavailable for a certain time or have been inundated with requests, simply take yourself off of the list using the instructions below
  • If you receive a request and are unable to fulfill it, please respond to the writer so he/she is not waiting for a response and can request help from elsewhere.
  • For your protection, we will not allow you to post your email addresses here. All email addresses will be edited out of the list and any further posts containing email addresses will be edited to remove them. Writers will contact you via PM and you can exchange email addresses privately.
  • As this is on a volunteer basis, absolutely NO solicitation of money for your services will be tolerated. Volunteers who violate this policy will be removed from the list and subject to further disciplinary action.
Please remember that these people are volunteering their time. Be nice to them!


1) Click "quote" on the most recent post.
2) Add your SDN screen name, your credentials, and specific things you are willing to edit for (content only, grammar only, etc). DO NOT post your email address.
3) Delete the quote tags at both the top and the bottom.
4) If you are unable to read any more personal statements, please come back and remove your name from the list and add your name to the "Readers not available" list.

Current Readers Available:

Readers Not Available:

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