Official TPR August 2004 Thread

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Oct 7, 2003
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I did a search on previous threads like this and it seems like a good idea. Everyone taking the TPR course for the August MCAT or anyone who have experience with TPR please don't be afraid to post. I need all the help I can get. So voice your opinions, concerns or questions regarding TPR for this August MCAT.

I took 4911 today as the first official MCAT Diag. I don't know what I got on it but I will post and let people know. I haven't looked at anything for the last two months. I took the practice MCAT that they offered on April 17 (4902) and scored 12p 8v 8b. This was after attempting to prep for April, but I gave it up two weeks before and just drillied physics. I was thrilled about the PS, it just goes to show you that learning the formulas really helps.

Today I took 4911 and I heard the average is usually around 18. If you have taken it let us know how you did.

Keep this thing going.



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Jun 11, 2004
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i got 8, 9, 9 on the tpr diags for verbal, and just finished my second Verbal WB test. I've gotten an 11 on both of them, and cant seem to get it any higher. Starting to bug me, time to review what i got wrong on the last one...


jammin06 said:
yea, i know exactly how you feel. The TPR workbook is MUCH easier than prolly any exam that you'll see AAMC produce (unfortunately). i've scored a 5,4,7,7 on the diagnostic exams, but ended up with 47/60, 51/60 and 54/60 on the 3 workbook exams i've taken. not really sure what all you can do except keep taking practice exams. i guess i was lucky this morning when i somehow pulled a 10 on the 5r. hopefully i can recreate that luck on the actual thing.

I figured the TPR Verbal WB tests were easier. My first two scores were also in the mid to high 40's, but it really didn't correlate too well with the actual exam - though, I had never taken those tests timed before.

I really think the key to doing well now is to isolate the "now" passage from the very start. I always find that if I get stuck on the first passage, I end up getting royally screwed; it just gets me off to a bad start in general, and I find myself wasting time on it a lot more than I should.

Anyway, that's a real big improvement - from 7 to 10 in verbal. Congrats. Hopefully I can do just as well as you did on the next test. Did you do anything differently on 5R, or how was your approach tailored?


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Nov 6, 2003
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Assembler said:
. Did you do anything differently on 5R, or how was your approach tailored?

i've changed my approach over the last 3 weeks and from what i can tell, it's helped me out a lot. I've changed from the '3 pass' to the '2 pass' approach and that was about it. I've kinda thrown ranking out of the window because i found that it only wasted my time. Now, i just open up the booklet and start working, then continuing to work until i get to a passage that i think i should skip.