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Christiana Care Hospital System, in Wilmington Delaware, department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has an immediate opening for a one year internship. This is a full scope OMFS residency encompassing Dental Alveolar, Trauma (with no competing services), Reconstruction; this is an excellent opportunity to add to your knowledge and experience in OMFS, for a potential applicant, or re-applicant for OMFS residency training programs. Our previous interns have an excellent track record of matching into their top ranked training program.

If interested please first contact Donna Kern.

Phone: 302-320-6458
Fax: 302-320-6822
E-mail: [email protected]

Applicants must be:
Graduates of an ADA accredited US or Canadian Dental School
Be prepared to forward:
Dental School transcript
NBDE scores part 1&2
Letters of recommendation if available
Letter of interest
Sep 9, 2015
if anyone still looking, there is an Immediate Opening at University of Maryland Medical Center. ONE non-categorical internship position is available, e-mail your CV and a statement to <[email protected]>
Clinical and didactic responsibilities are identical to those of the categorical first year residents! Salary is at the PGY-1 level.
No need to mention where you saw this :ninja:
If you are lazy, this is not for you, trust me!
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