May 23, 2009
Hey All. Thanks for your help in advance. I have been trying to figure some things out for my time here still in undergrad, and wanted to check in and get any advice/input I can on my plan, and how things are going so far for me.

Sophomore at state public university.
GPA=3.854 Science GPA=3.85

I plan on taking taking Physics II over this summer to finish all the pre-reqs and plan on taking the MCAT in the winter, after fall 2010 semester.

I volunteered one summer at a physical therapy clinic as a tech doing ultrasounds on patients, heat and stim, walking them through their exercises and modulations, etc. which amounted to about 75 hours.

I started volunteering in the ER in the fall of 09, have done about 50 hours thus far.

I have coached youth basketball teams on campus in a free league for "at risk youth" and plan to continue next year.

This summer I plan to do some shadowing before I begin my summer session of classes.

I am part of a club relating to brain tumor research.

Worked as "Cohort Leader" for my school mentoring incoming freshman and helping them adjust to college life. Lead discussions, planned events to hang out, answered any questions they might have/help they needed with anything.

In Fall 2010 I am going to be doing some research and plan on doing that for 1-2 years until I graduate.

I do triathlons and cycling and have placed. Plan on continuing as much as I can (races are expensive!)

I am also planning to be a preceptor for an o chem class as well my junior year, and working in the chemistry lab preproom.

How does all of this seem so far. I mostly focus on things that I enjoy doing, and that I will not get the chance to do really ever again, as I have my whole life to do medically related things (outside of the volunteering at hospital, PT tech, and shadowing I will/have done).

Am I on track? Any comments? Any suggestions on things? I am not sure how much of what I listed is actually pertinent, that's why I listed it for you all to decide what is important and not. Does this seem on track as I plan to take the MCAT ~winter of my junior year and apply for Fall 2012 admission.

Thanks for all of your help. It is greatly appreciated.
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Everything is pertinent, and you are certainly on the right track so far. Your cGPA is very good; keep up the good work.

Are you doing any nonmedical/noncampus community service? Many adcomms like to see that. With the addition of the planned shadowing, you should be in good shape when you apply.

What does the brain tumor research club do?
Any form of teaching and mentoring are pertinent, and I 'd list the coaching under Teaching. High school activities are generally not listed, unless the same activity continued into the college years, so you're good there as well.