one more week


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Jan 19, 2003
    we have 1 more week to go. what do you fellas have left?

    - review all organic, since ive barely done anything here
    - review electrochemistry, solubility
    - review fluids, E&M, optics
    - review old practice tests
    - take AAMC 6R on the 10th and 7 on the 13th

    (perfuse a ****load of hamsters on the 16th)


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    Aug 11, 2001
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      Holy **** i woke up before noon today! You can tell there's only one week left.

      (Im on spring break).

      Im gonna take 6R this weekend. Today, Im finishing all the little practice probs that are left behind in my Nova physics and my Kaplan 45 and EK bio books. Dayum, I spend alot of f***ing money on matierials +pissed+
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      Jul 30, 2003
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        thank god there's only one more week of this academic torture.

        this week, my TPR books will be officially retired, and my daily (and nightly) sessions with my 3" pile of flash cards will begin. nothing too deep, just memory reinforcement of stupid crap like spec values, the different groups of amino acids (acidic, basic, nonpolar, etc.), review hormones.

        really, my only problem is that my grasp on electricity and magnetism is still somewhat of a work-in-progress. oh well, don't care, just want to end this mess. time to get this 200lb tumor off my back and finally start on that stuff i used to do....what's it called...schoolwork! oh yeah...


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        Feb 24, 2004
          Make sure to review gene expression (i.e. PCR, lac operon and Trp operon). I read somewhere that BS has 1/3 organic chemistry, 1/3 genetic and 1/3 other biology. And Genetic is hottest thing right now. Also, make sure to review alpha hydrogen substitution and ester related reaction for organic chemistry. It seems that's emphasis on the 6R and 5R.

          Good luck to everybody on the test.
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