one more year or a masters?!

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Jan 9, 2012
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Hi there SDN,

I have a question I would like to ask.
If I have a 3.2ish GPA after 120 credits (very low GPA for dental school i know...)
will doing a masters look better than taking another year of 30 credits?

I want to finish this bachelors degree and maybe start a masters for a fresh start.
Even if I take 30 credits, and even if I get a 4.0 avg, that still doesn't really increase my GPA that much.

Getting a 4.0 avg for a masters will look better for dental school wouldn't it?
any thoughts will be greatly appreciated.

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I think Masters definitely will give you a push. I don't know how each school will look at your graduate degree also I don't know of any program that you can finish in one year so plan ahead and plan well.
There are one year masters programs at Mississippi College and University of South Florida. It's for your M.S. Medical Sciences. It's all graduate level science courses. One of the deans at a dental school I was applying to recommended them. Having all the pre req's for dental school matches the pre req's for the programs. Also they both took my DAT scores in lieu of GRE. Good luck!
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i would say that a masters would be very beneficial for you. the general consensus from what i've read and heard, is that if you have < a 3.0 sci/overall gpa, you should enroll in a post bacc and then pursue a masters degree.

considering that your gpa is above a 3.0 i'd say that a masters program is sufficient without any other undergraduate work. coupled with a solid dat score, a >3.5 in a masters program will almost definitely land you interviews, in my opinion. good luck!