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  1. J

    Cracking the OAT - Practice Exams?

    I've taken some Kaplan practice exams which i've learned from this page are much harder than the real OAT. I purchased the Princeton Review - Cracking the OAT which comes with two practice exams. Has anyone taken these exams that could tell me how closely they resemble the real OAT? I don't...
  2. A

    ADA Free OAT Exam

    Hi! Was wondering if anyone had a copy of the free ADA practice exam. I found it a while ago from Rutgers or something, but now the link gives me an error message. If anyone has a copy of it, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!!
  3. P

    Full Length OAT

    how many full length practice oat exams should you take before the actual?
  4. E

    Where can I get more practice exams?

    I want to practice taking the exam, I already have kaplans 2 practice exams. However, I want more practice exams to take. Preferably ones that can give me estimated scores and are similar to the pro-metric exams. Which site should i use to do this?
  5. T

    MCAT Practice Exam Help

    Hello everyone, I am a new member to SDN. So today I come seeking the advice of anyone who may have some helpful insight to this beast of a test. My honest goal here is to score a 507 or higher. I am currently a month out from my MCAT exam date, and I am just beginning the AAMC Practice...
  6. D

    Predict your MCAT score using Kaplan practice exams

    Instead of studying, I procrastinated and made an predictive model for predicting your MCAT score using Kaplan test scores, based on previous test taker data (source provided in app). My R shiny skills are crap, so the app is pretty basic. I'm new so I'm jerry-rigging the URL to bypass the...
  7. NextStepTutor_1

    PCAT Free PCAT Diagnostic – What Are Your Chances?

    The million-dollar question these days seems to be: what are my chances of getting into pharmacy school? If there were one correct answer to this question—a magical formula, a golden rule—someone would have answered this for good by now. It’s a complicated question. First of all, your PharmCAS...
  8. I

    Accuracy of Pearson PCAT Practice Tests?

    I bought and took all three of Pearson exams along with taking all 5 of the Kaplan practice exams in the course. On the Kaplan practice exams, on average I didn't do so hot. After reading a couple of threads, it seems like Kaplan's practice tests are harder than the actual. However, I did pretty...
  9. B

    Breaking up a Kaplan FL as a self-diagnostic?

    So I wanted to "break up" a Kaplan FL over a few days (e.g. take Chem/Phys one day and analyze, then CARS the next, and so on) as a self-diagnostic. However, I (stupidly) did not realize that the FL forces you to move immediately from one section to the next without being able to analyze your...
  10. J

    Recommended MPJE practice exam sites

    When searching for practice exams, there's a lot of them: etc.. Any recommended? Any you suggest staying away from? (I'm testing for FL if that makes any difference) Thanks!!
  11. C

    3rd time taking MCAT. Study tips needed!

    I took the MCAT for the first time in January and then again April. Both times I got a 496 even though I was scoring in the 507-509 range before the second attempt. Since I already took the AAMC exams, I was thinking of buying the Next Step full length exams for more practice. Any thoughts on...
  12. futuredrummerdoctor

    For those who used NS for January 2017 MCAT

    For those of you who used next step practice exams for a recent mcat and have gotten your score back, I was hoping for some feedback on how your actual score compared to your NS practice exam scores. I know there's spread sheets out there, but the ones I've looked at don't seem to reflect the...
  13. Orlandoc

    AAMC Scored FL 2 Psych...?

  14. Joemm426


    Hello, I will be taking MCAT in summer of 2018. So far, I have taken most courses tested on MCAT, except statistics and biochem, both of which I will take before the test. Currently, I am receiving weekly, one-hour tutoring lessons for MCAT. During those lessons, my tutor and I go over the...
  15. NaDaniel

    MCAT practice tests

    I'm looking for a good list of MCAT practice exams and questions. I want to acquire as much practice working through problems, getting a feel for what to expect, and simulating test experiences as possible. I have a good grasp on the practical material and feel my weakness at the moment lies in...
  16. T

    USMLE Practice Question Writers Wanted

    Are looking for an opportunity to apply your medical education outside of a clinical setting while you’re still in training? Whenever you can make the time? With flexible weekly/monthly time commitments? From the comfort of your own home? Well, here is your opportunity to work for one of the...
  17. M

    2009 DAT practice exam hasn't arrived :(

    I ordered the 2009 practice exam a little over a week ago and paid extra for overnight shipping but I still haven't gotten it and I have my DAT in a week (1-21) :( I realized too late that I should have given MUCH more time for the test to come in the mail but...guess there's nothing I can do...
  18. Champagne_Tap

    Available Self-Assessment Tools

    Hi all, I'm wondering what other self-assessment tools (ie. practice examinations) there are out there besides UWorld's Self-Assessments, NBME's and the free 150? If you know of any others, would you mind noting the associated price point + how many questions it is? If you've personally...
  19. Mason91

    How accurate is the GC practice tests of DAT Bootcamp?

  20. M

    examkrackers practice test conversion

    Hi everyone! For those of you completing the EK full-lengths, would you happen to know of any reliable way to convert the % score to actual MCAT score? Or maybe you can recount your experience i.e. how did your performance on the EK practice exams correlate with the actual exam performance...
  21. Roayer

    People Who retook the Sample/Scored

    Hi. For people who retook the sample and scored for a second time at least a month after they took it for the first time would you mind posting your retake scores and actual MCAT score. I'm trying to see how it correlated to your real score. A few people (myself including) are wondering...
  22. E

    Online Free DAT Kaplan Exam 7/11/16

    Hi Y'all. Just your average student here constantly loosing confidence every time I take a practice exam. I just literally finished the Kaplan Freebie exam they offer like once a month, I'm sure some other people just took it as well. I scored a 15AA, maybe a 16AA, and I was like dang. I got...
  23. LatePrePharm

    Did terrible on first practice PCAT exam...

    I'm taking the PCAT July 22 and I've been putting off studying for a while. I finished most of my prereq classes a few years ago. Yesterday I took an online practice exam from the Kaplan 2017 book, timed, and these were my scores: Composite: 408 (64th) Biological processes: 402 (46th) Chemical...
  24. thezilchplatypus

    Where to get sectional exams?

    Hey guys, where can I go to purchase sectional exams? I tried to purchase them from Kaplan but they told me I would have to purchase a whole package in order to get that practice material. I am currently already enrolled in TBE which starts on May 10th. Until then I don't have any TBE...
  25. Altius Premier Tutor

    Free (Giving away) Full Length MCAT-2015 Practice Exam

    Altius Test Prep is seeking feedback from SDN members regarding our Full Length MCAT-2015 practice exams. We sell a set of ten FL exams, but want to give you one at NO CHARGE, in exchange for your honest feedback. To access your free exam, please call our office at 435-671-5783 and mention...
  26. B

    Practice MCAT

    Does anyone know of any websites where I can take a practice exam, and get a score for free? Would like to have an idea of where I am at. Thanks!
  27. S

    TPR FL Scores Dropping? Should I Reschedule?

    My retake is coming up this month :nailbiting: and I'm starting to get worried since my TPR FL scores are dropping. I've heard the general consensus is that TPR Demo & Review exams are harder than most of the Course & Complete ones, so I'm having trouble tracking my progress. Do you guys think...
  28. S

    MCAT exam practice: "concepts missed" chart

    Hi everyone, I recently created a chart in order to keep track of what concepts I'm missing on my practice MCATs (based off TPR, but I'm sure others can utilize its functions as well). I have not included CARS- just all the sciences. I figured someone may find this useful. Please let me know...
  29. P


    Hello, What is the BEST AVAILABLE practice exam questions deal that is available out there? (i.e. Most applicable/helpful for people who have already passed the NJ MPJE) I failed my first attempt at the NJ MPJE by one point! The questions were super vague. Maybe doing one of those practice...