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May 10, 2017
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Currently, I am 2 classes away from finishing my degrees in Biology and Psychology. I also have a minor in chemistry if that matters. I have a 2.4 GPA and I'm not sure how much higher it will get after these 2 classes. I know my chances for Osteopathic school are low right now. But I have been looking into options to raise my gpa. I saw that AT Still has an online master's of public health and AT Still is my "dream" school. What are the downsides to doing an online master's program? Has anyone completed one and had it improve their chances?


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Jul 11, 2017
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I'm no expert but two things. 1 if you want to boost your GPA a post bacc is going to be your best bet, and 2 is there a reason your GPA is 2.4 that can be worked out? Health issues? Test anxiety? Working too much? You would have to hit straight As for quite some time to get up to a decent GPA (>3.0). I think it could be done but it would be a lot of work (my calculation is 75 credits witb 4.0 to get over 3). Have you written the MCAT yet also?
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