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Aug 7, 2017
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Good afternoon everyone,

hope all is well. I had a question. I am currently looking into MPH programs after medical school didn't work out for me (different reasons than people may expect but that is another story altogether). I am more specifically looking into online MPH programs since the cost seems to be cheaper and also no travel required for most part. My family has our savings basically caught up into a small business and don't have exactly a lot of money to spend, and with helping out family with business I can't afford to travel too much anyways. Due to loans taken out for medical school, idk how the FAFSA will go now with the situation. Thus my plan is to work while going through MPH program online so I can pay for it myself and try to minimize amount used by my family.

I have looked up some programs for online but I don't know how legitimate they are. i have spoken to Walden University over the phone but upon further research, i am seeing not so glowing remarks about them.

I have spoken to Kaplan University as well today. I have also requested more information from the following:

1. Kaplan University (didn't find info about CEPH accreditation)
2. National University (CEPH accredited)
3. Des Moines University-Osteopathic Medical Center (CEPH accredited)
4. American Public University (going through process of CEPH accreditation)
5. Walden University (couldn't find information about CEPH accreditation).

That is a list of 5. Kaplan seems to be the most affordable option for me atm but I am relatively new to the MPH scene and wanted to get feedback on the legitmacy/reputation of the ones I have listed. I am unsure what the CEPH is as well is if it is going to prevent me from getting work with a degree. Places like Kaplan told me that part of their project at end involves me basically 'interning' at a place and described it as having one foot in the door for employment after program ends and getting degree. Also mentioned it will help in government jobs later on.

So any help advice/information regarding this would be very helpful. I will continue doing reserarch and making calls but wanted to put this up here to get advice from trustworthy health students/members on this matter.

Thank you
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Dec 31, 2012
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I know that GW has one as well. I believe its 1 yr online. The school is expensive for sure but see if you can get a merit scholarship. They're definitely accredited and I've had a few people who did it recommend me it to me as well. I'm more of in person learner so online school isn't for me. I had a friend do it while working full time and doing an public health internship so it's doable. You also get the same degree as the in-person learners (for now at least). I'd look at public health schools that have the program you want and see if they have online components. I think UMiami has one? May UMD as well? Not super sure. Also SOPHAS has a whole list and you can filter by online vs in person vs hybrid.

Not super familiar but I think CEPH accreditation is a big deal with MPHs and so is reputation (esp if you're gonna go the online route) so if a school's rep isn't so hot I'd be wary due to job opportunities and such. Do look at the other MPH schools and see if they have online components, not just schools are that know for being on line (if that makes sense)? Definitely check SOPHAS.


Many established state or private not-for-profit colleges are starting to offer online MPHs. I'd look at those, rather than the Waldens of the world.