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Dec 8, 2016
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Hi all. SDN has been there for me since before medical school.
Anyway, I took the oral boards in November and just got my result - I did not pass.

I passed my written using ophthoquestions. I did try and research and prepare for the oral exam. Everyone said it would be so easy and since I passed the written, I would easily pass the oral. Even members on SDN had said that in previous threads. I read the Wills manual, studied some of the BCSC, and looked at other resources. I did not end up using Clinical Vignettes by Pemberton, nor did I use a review course.

I also did not realize that two full sections would be on pediatrics, which I am confident is the reason I failed. Now I need to over-prepare.

Any suggestions short of a review course would be helpful. I am in solo private practice, and that would be very difficult for me to do.

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The Wills course is amazing. I highly recommend that for the boards.
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Hey everyone - why is the Pemberton case book in such short supply?

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