oral boards

  1. F

    2023 Oral Boards

    I took the oral boards today. Did solid on 5 cases. I missed the diagnosis on a structured interview case, and the other I stumbled and missed a critical action likely. Also missed minor things like forgetting to give pain meds in one case and stating IV, O2, monitor. I feel like I could have...
  2. MindtheGlottis

    Failed Oral Boards

    Results came out today. Looks like 10.4% of people failed as well. If anyone is interested can see all the stats here: ABPMR - Exam Statistics Did exceptionally well on my written boards, but failed on the interpersonal and communication domain. In hindsight, I would have done a lot more mock...
  3. R

    Oral Boards 9/12

    Anyone taking the ABA oral boards on 9/12/22 want to run through cases this week and at the hotel the night before?
  4. K

    Anesthesia Applied Board Exam Materials

    Hey guys, I have 2x UBP sets, flash cards, rapid review and some text books for sale. PM for details! K
  5. Sea Otter

    Mayo Clinic Oral Board Review Course

    Does anyone have any experience with the Mayo Clinic oral board review course? It is all virtual sessions over 3 days. I may be able to get my job to pay for it but it’s unclear if they will so I’m trying to decide if it would even be worth pushing for it in the first place. Would appreciate...
  6. Doc Alex

    Studying for the New ABEM Virtual Oral Boards

    Greetings! Is anyone interested in teaming up to practice ABEM oral board cases including the new Structured Interview for Virtual Oral Boards? Please PM me if interested. Thanks! Alex
  7. B

    Study partner needed for ABO ophthalmology oral boards March 2021

    Hi! Thought this might be a good place for those who are looking for study partners for the ABO oral ophthalmology boards to link up. Specifically, I’m looking for a study partner for the March 2021 board exam date. We can “sess” each other out to see if we’d be a good pairing with regard to...
  8. C

    General Surgery Board Review Seminar

    The American College of Osteopathic Surgeons (ACOS) will host the 2019 General Surgery In-Depth Review Seminar (IDR), April 10-13, 2019 in Des Moines, Iowa. The IDR is a general surgery board review course designed to provide the general surgeon with an in-depth review in preparation for...
  9. D

    Do oral board examiners ask doses?

  10. T

    ABEM Oral Boards 2019 Switch

    I am taking my oral boards 10/6 and desperately need a switch to spring. I requested though ABEM and was unsuccessful. Any Spring date would work if anyone would be willing! Shoot me a message if you'd be willing to help!
  11. C

    Oral Board Study Plan - Ultimate Board Prep

    Does anyone have advice on how to actually move through Ultimate Board Prep? What study schedule did you use? How much time did you take to prepare? Did you do one case a day? Two? Did you read through the case first then practice out loud? Did you practice out loud first then read through? Did...
  12. M

    Failed ABEM oral boards

    I just found out I did not pass my oral boards. FWIW I’m a US med school grad, trained at a top residency, and in shock because I’ve passed all my boards in the pass. My score was fairly low and I have no breakdown of the score. I don’t understand how I could’ve scored so low. I prepped for the...
  13. S

    Oral boards study material (2018)

    Hi all, I'm looking to sell my Ophthalmology Oral Boards review books: Clinical Vignettes: Current price $200 on Amazon (price varies with availability) Friedmans case reviews: Current price $58 on Amazon They are spiral bound for easy reading and in new/unmarked condition. I'll sell...
  14. L

    Oral boards -- advice for Day 0

    Hi everyone - I am finally joining SDN after being a casual reader for 4+ years. Thank you to my peers for all the help over the years. SDN has been especially helpful to me personally as I'm the first (yay!) graduate in a relatively new program with essentially non-existent didactics and weak...
  15. C

    Big Blue, Big Red, Ranger Red for sale

    Selling: - Ranger Red 10th edition with audio MP3 player. Untouched - I ran out of time and decided to use UBP instead -Big Blue 26th edition, all 3 volumes. Used but no markings on pages -Big Red 26th edition. Used but no markings on pages All listed for $595 on Dr. Jensen’s website. Will...
  16. O

    Oral board review partner

    Hi! Is anyone taking the oral boards in June interested in skype practice sessions? Thanks!
  17. S

    Mock oral boards cases for pediatric dentistry

    How many people would be interested in paying for a course that would be formatted to give mock oral board cases in preparation for the pediatric dental oral boards?
  18. M

    2017 Anesthesiology Oral Boards thread

    OFFICIAL 2017 ANESTHESIOLOGY ORAL BOARDS THREAD Hello people Took my exam this week and gotta say went from feeling pretty good to bad over the course of the day/night. I know there are other threads on this but all are at least 2-3 years old. How did you guys feel? Remember not to give...
  19. V

    Oral Boards 2016 Ophthalmology

    Hi all. SDN has been there for me since before medical school. Anyway, I took the oral boards in November and just got my result - I did not pass. I passed my written using ophthoquestions. I did try and research and prepare for the oral exam. Everyone said it would be so easy and since I...
  20. N

    Oral Board Practice Partner?

    For those taking the oral board exam, if anyone is interested in practicing mock exams via skype or phone, send me a message! Thanks!
  21. kazuma

    Oral and Written Board Study Materials for Sale (Audio + Books)

    All prices include shipping to the lower 48. PM or Post in this thread. Paypal accepted. Written Boards: Osler Institute Anesthesiology Audio Review: 6 Discs plus Digital Syllabus. New $475, My Price $110 Shipped Great for the commute. ACE Question books: (all spiral bound and unmarked/no...
  22. C

    ultimate board prep set 1-6 for sale, UBP 2015

    took the course and passed my orals! set 1-6 for sale. PM if interested.
  23. T

    Wanted: Audio Red

    Does anyone have a copy of Jensen's Audio Red from the last couple of years that they'd be willing to sell me? I'd like to get some oral boards studying done in the car while I drive to and from the hospital. You can PM me or reply in the thread. Also, does anyone know of any alternative audio...