Orals 2014 "official" thread

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May 14, 2002
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Well. Managed to sit the Orals last week. Interesting experience to say the least. Cases were bread and butter but the questions were rough. I used UBP, knocking out the boards, and old ABA cases. All 3 were great resources I just feel that I never had a chance to explain my ideas or even defend my answer...Oh well...

Now the waiting begins....

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Femto -

I feel your pain. I left the room in a daze - didn't feel good, but didn't feel bad...I've literally dreamt of better answers to the questions.

I can't help but thinking of how much better I could have done.

Can't do anything but wait now, right?
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Don't feel bad. I felt they didn't understand a less than articulate answer I gave. I kept trying to go back to it. They wouldn't have it. I passed first attempt. My take: a better answer isn't necessary. You just need enough "good enough" answers.
I have to echo the above. My cases, I thought, were also B&B but some the questions were definitely tough. Same here, Bigdan, left the room with mixed emotions. Worse part now is the waiting. Hope I did well enough to pass and put this ordeal behind me. Good luck to you both and to everyone who had their exam this past week.
best of luck to all of you. just remember this feeling of dread, it is what separates us from crnas. they have no comparable exam, their exam is like a high school exam. next time someone tells you that we get the same training as a crna, tell 'em to 4u@% off
I left thinking I failed. If it's any consolation, I think most people leave feeling the same way... when is the big day again? May 19th?
Similar feeling here...now it's wait and see. I think we are all holding our collective breath and hoping for the best.

I believe they said we should hear by May 19 to be able to log into our portal account for results. Good luck everybody!!
I KNEW I failed a couple years ago...

I verbalized the words "I'm sorry. I'm struggling here."

One of the examiners surfed their ipad the whole time. I'm pretty sure he fell asleep at one point.

I still passed. Most of you probably will too. Unless you post about how easy it was and how great you did. If that's the case then you are a douche and probably failed.

Good luck! It's a long 8 weeks.
I can't stop thinking about my answers and how shook I got for the first stem. The stems were straight forward as practiced . Nothing shocking but the questions were bizarre and especially the first stem not given the chance to elaborate on any answers. Also continuing asking the same question without rephrasing or allowing me to say anything got me so off my game. Surgical indications for chest tube vs pick? Really ? I completely feel like I did awful on the first and more straight forward on the second with minor hiccups. Hope the two average enough so I pass. I really don't want to go through this torture again.
My second examiner was pretty tough on me... He Would ask me a question... I would give my answer confidently... Then he would change the scenario slightly and ask the same question..."what would you do NOW doctor". I felt like this game went on forever...... But my answer never changed much (although I did feel less confident each time I reasoned my way through it) but in hindsight after discussing it with people I realize he was just trying to bully me - bc I was right in my decision making ( or at least I think I was). It was just exhausting..... And then when we got to grab bags I almost felt like he was giving me the answers.... He would ask a question- I would answer yes/ no and then before I could finish explaining why, he was finishing my sentences and I would just sit there and nod and say "ya, that's why." -and this followed a pretty straightforward first session so I was really taken aback. Ughh. I thought I was prepared for anything walking into those rooms-but def not him- longest 6 weeks of my life.... Good luck to everyone else!