Ortho residency and the GRE

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Jul 6, 2021
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Hello all,

So I am a rising third year student with a 3.93 gpa and top 10 in class. I am currently doing research with an orthodontics resident at my university. I am unhappy with my gre situation, as I just scored a 153 on reading, a 5 on writing, but a 145 on math simply because my scrap paper was rejected by ETS so I was forced to attempt to do it all in my head. A little frustrating, but I was wondering I would be okay to apply for residencies in the upcoming cycle next year, and what my chances would be? Thank you all!

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Why on earth was your scratch paper “rejected?” The testing center is the one who provides you with a blank sheet of paper to use.


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It was an at home test, and I didn’t have the proper “lamination”. I also couldn’t get my hands on a mini whiteboard either.
I should’ve just taken it at a testing center and drove the hour. Didn’t realize they would give me a hard time.
From what I was told, programs don't care so much about GRE anymore. However, I did get a pretty decent score in the mid 330's and how I tackled the GRE came up multiple times on my interviews. So I assume getting a good score does help, not sure if a lower score is detrimental though. I have similar ranks (top ~5%) /GPA/research experience.
From what I was told, programs don't care so much about GRE anymore.
Right, but the OP has a verbal score around the 59th percentile and quantitative score around the 18th percentile (based on my Google search). That’s not something I would want on my application, even if it’s a relatively minor part of the application.

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I would personally try scoring in the top quartile if I could. A score in the 320s would be optimal. Though I think GRE is more important for those with less than optimal ranks than yours