1. J

    Overlapping Fields

    Hi all, I am an MS3 currently thinking about multiple fields, among them neurology and PM&R. I have been reading a lot about PM&R and been in touch with several PM&R docs to try to understand more about what is done in practice. I think part of my problem in understanding the field properly is...
  2. DrSatan

    Protected Didactics?

    Just curious what kind of didactics experience you may have had. Given that protected didactics are an ACGME requirement (I think), I see this as two likely paths: 1. Protected didactics - Attendings or APPs cover the service while you are in lecture. It is not simply them holding the pager &...
  3. J

    Rank list advice

    Hi all, I'm the education chief resident of neurology at Washington University. I just sat down with two of my co-chiefs and recorded a podcast where we offer our tips on choosing a neurology residency. Check it out if you're interested: Home - Brain Boy Neurology Let me know if you have any...
  4. Medicalmelon

    otoneurology vs. Neurotology

    Hi everyone, Im a medical student who really is committed to neuro but wants to do Neurotology/otoneurology afterwards. I wanted to get some insight about how difficult it is to get into a otoneurology fellowship coming from a neurology residency. Looking online, it seems that only 4 or so...
  5. J

    Neurology Education Podcast

    Hi all, I'm the education chief resident of neurology at Washington University. I just launched an educational podcast with a mission of teaching the fundamentals of clinical neurology. Check it out if you're interested: Home - Brain Boy Neurology. I'll be dropping a new podcast every two...
  6. D

    Surgery residency, alt specialties

    Hi all, I’m a 4th year student applying for internships. Im interested in surgery, neurology, and comp med/lab animal. I keep being drawn to surgery as a specialty as it would offer the most opportunity (and I enjoy surgery) - I would be able to do neurologic surgeries in addition to other...
  7. Methodical_Science

    2021 Neurocritical Care Match Thread

    Hi All. Long time lurker, but wanted to start a thread on the 2020-2021 NCC Match cycle (for positions in 2022) given that application submissions opened last week. It’s very early in the cycle but thought it would be a good idea for a thread refresh for current and future applicants (since...
  8. S

    Medical Specialties Choice (Peds, Psych, and Neuro)

    Hi guys, I'm looking at several specialties that may be a strong fit for me. My interests are treating children with neurodevelopmental disorders and do autism, ADHD, and learning disabilities research. I've been pretty set on Pediatric Neurology. But, I'm aware that there are several pathways...
  9. dennis-brodmann

    Prior and current chief residents, got any tips on bettering a residency program?

    Prior and current chief residents, I wanted to pick your brains about bettering a residency program from a logistic and educational perspective. My questions are based on my PGY-2 experiences at an academic medical center. Open-ICU Have any of you experienced an open-ICU relationship with the...
  10. dennis-brodmann

    Neurology Fellowship Season 2020-2021: What should PGY-3s consider with COVID-19 precautions if fellowship is outside of a match?

    Fellowship directors, current fellows, and future fellows - If COVID-19 precautions were to continue through the upcoming fellowship interview season (2020-2021), what recommendations would you make in applying to fellowships outside of a matching system (e.g., epilepsy)? Things are not as...
  11. DrSatan

    Where are you learning the most neurology from: yourself or your attendings?

    I'm a PGY-2. I feel like I've learned a lot so far this year, but I still feel like most of my knowledge as been learned by self-study & a few key attendings who put forth the effort to actually teach minutia & explain their reasoning. I feel like I am mostly teaching myself though. I feel like...
  12. U

    Contracting with Hospitals for Neurology coverage

    I work as a neurohospitalist and I have been for the last 5 years in California. I had been working with a group who had the contract with the hospital for 24/7 Neurology coverage including Stroke call and I had a separate subcontract with the group. Unfortunately, we lost the contract this...
  13. S

    Neurology pre-residency fellowship

    The University of New Mexico is now accepting applications for our Neurology pre-residency fellowship with a start date of July 1st, 2020. Our unique program is designed to provide an intensive educational experience and opportunity to gain clinical skills and experience in academic neurology to...
  14. S

    Position Available Neurology pre-residency fellowship

    The University of New Mexico is now accepting applications for our Neurology pre-residency fellowship with a start date of July 1st, 2021. Our unique program is designed to provide an intensive educational experience and opportunity to gain clinical skills and experience in academic neurology to...
  15. dennis-brodmann

    Residency Career Guidance: Epilepsy, Neurohospitalist, Neuroinfectious Disease, Teleneurology, Medical Devices

    Hey everybody, I am a PGY-2 in a front-loaded neurology residency program seeking advice from senior residents, fellows, and attendings. I have various thoughts about future career options and have spoken to some of my attendings, who have been in academia for most of their careers. I was...
  16. 9

    Other Vascular Neurology Fellowship!

    I am applying for the vascular neurology fellowship for the 2020 match. I would appreciate if someone with expertise give an overview of 1st,2nd and Middle tier fellowship programs to apply for, AMG vs IMG preference and some insight about the research works that fellows are able to complete...
  17. D

    MD Outpatient neurology question

    Hello I am a medical student interested in purely outpatient neurology practice (I want a Mon-Fri 9-5 lifestyle). My understanding is that this isn't very lucrative but one can make decent money by adding EEGs/EMGs to outpatient practice. I was wondering if fellowship training is required for...
  18. DrSatan

    Study resources?

    Anyone have recommendations for how to study neurology that's not just read up on your patients? I have a localization book that has basic information on diseases as well, but I don't do well just reading to learn. Are there any good flashcards or question banks people use? I'm only a PGY-2...
  19. It's Over 9000!

    Importance of Research Presentations

    I'm a 3rd year medical student who was a co-author on a neurology paper and invited to present at a neurology research conference. However the issue is that I would be missing 3-5 days of my psychiatry rotation (that I can potentially make up), and it would cost quite a bit of money to fly over...
  20. R

    Neurology for Neuropsychologists: Resources?

    I attended my 1st neurological case conference, as a new NP extern in the neurological dept of a hospital. I did well in all my neurophysio, neurobio, and NP courses, but still did not understand maybe 1/2 of the neurologists' vocabulary. I know google is my friend, but what other resources have...
  21. P

    Neurology case

    Hello, I have an upcoming neurology exam. And while studying I found the following case. Patient presents with loss of vibration and proprioception in the legs. Besides that he has paresthesia’s in legs and arms. He has a gait dysfunction in which he has a sloppery gait. He also finds it hard...
  22. V

    Kernohan notch confusion

    A bit confused why compression of contralater superior peduncle causes ipsilateral paresis on the side of the lesion. Superior peduncle --> contralateral cortex (in this case side on the lesion) --> contralteral side of the body. So wouldn't the compression on contralateral penducle via...
  23. D

    Child Neurology research for Neurology match

    Hey ya'll, I am currently an M1 at a lower tier MD school with aspirations of matching at a top 10 (or similar quality) neurology residency. I have been consistently scoring in the top ~10% of the class on my exams thus far. Getting to the gist of it, I have been doing research with a prominent...
  24. E

    Applying for Neurology PGY2 (R) position

    Hi, I am an IM PGY1 resident at a university program in TX. I am also an IMG and a permanent resident. I feel I enjoy Neurology more than IM and am interested in switching speciality and would like to apply for PGY2 (R) positions in the upcoming match. I would also like to live close to my...
  25. Crayola227

    NYT article on autoimmune neurology

    Opinion | He Got Schizophrenia. He Got Cancer. And Then He Got Cured.
  26. N

    Position Available CA Neurology PGY-2 position to start on 7/1/2019

    Neurology PGY-2 opening available to start on 7/1/2019 at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles, CA PREREQUISITES: - Successful completion of PGY-1 year in an internal medicine program accredited by Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education or Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada...
  27. Dr. Bruce Banner

    Neurology tops burnout again in JAMA 2018 article

    Neurology, along with EM, urology, and gen surg, again tops the uncoveted spot amongst the specialties with the highest burnout rate. The article states, and confirmed by AAN, that neurology is the ONLY specialty that has the highest burnout AND the lowest work-life balance... OK, I can see EM...
  28. P

    Pyramidal tracts??

    Hi, I've a few questions actually: 1. Why are corticobulbar tracts pyramidal even though they do not pass through the pyramids like corticospinal tracts do? 2. I know corticobulbar tracts innervated CN3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 directly or indirectly, but what happens to CN8? Thank you!
  29. P

    Neurology but drawn to procedural specialties

    I really enjoyed our neurology block and am attracted by the great job market for neurology, but I see myself in a procedure-heavy specialty. Great work/life balance is also important to me. I want to enjoy (enough) what I do at work but also have plenty of time outside of work for hobbies...
  30. D

    Stuck between chasing MD or CAA..

    I’m currently 24 and I’m not that far in my undergraduate courses. By the time I finish and would apply to Anesthesiologist Assistant or MD programs, I would be 28. With that being said, I come from a completely different background than medicine, but have always held a high interest in it...
  31. F

    MD/PhD Question about Labs and Residency

    I will be choosing my thesis lab soon for my school's MD/PhD programs and it feels like a tough choice between these two different labs, which is a good thing. However, I am concerned that my choice of a PhD in one of the two the different fields will limit what residency programs I want to get...
  32. DrSatan

    Neural Repair & Rehabilitation Fellowships?

  33. M

    Looming oversupply of neurologists?

    I know that the official stance of the AAN is that there is a looming shortage of neurologists. They published a study back in 2013 saying that this shortage would reach crisis levels by 2022. Hovwever, after looking through recent match data it seems that the number of residency positions in...
  34. N

    NP - Neurology ???

    Hi everyone! I'm about to graduate from my undergrad (BS in Psychology) and I plan on finishing up the prereqs necessary for ABSN and become an RN through that. I don't want to stop at being an RN though, I would love to further my education and make it to NP. I know I'm a bit of a ways away...
  35. S

    Position Wanted Need PGY-2 Neurology Position

    I am currently a prelim in IM at a major Midwest university medical center. I am looking for an open PGY-2 position in Neurology. Please reply or message me if you know of anything available.
  36. C

    High ranked Intl Program vs Low Ranked US MD for Neurology

    Hi, I'm a non-US citizen looking at Neurology as a career choice. I currently have a 3.4 GPA (not taken the MCAT yet) and am in a position to get into a well-ranked international MD program. I went to the undergrad in the US at a top 20 liberal arts school--solid EC's, LORs etc. Given that I...
  37. R

    Why does neurology have a bad rap?

    As a pre-med, I'm doing some research on different specialties that interest me (I know specialties shouldn't be my main focus right now but I enjoy looking into different future career possibilities) and one field that I keep going back to is neurology. Neurology seems like a fascinating area...
  38. T

    Just decided to pursue Neurology - have some questions.

    Hey all- So I've been set on surgery (ortho, gen, urology) or anesthesiology since before medical school, but I've recently completed my neuro clerkship and was enamored. I never even considered it, and I'm pretty in the dark about the residency process. From preliminary research it doesn't...
  39. L

    Neurology residency application process

    Hello, I've been reading about the application process for a Neurology residency, and from what I understood we need to apply via ERAS for a Neurology program (PGY2) + a transitional/preliminary PGY1 program, both done at the same time, using the same application? Is it the same thing for...
  40. D

    Differential Diagnosis in Neurology

    I am looking for books or materials that would list out a differential diagnosis based on individual symptoms and signs...much like "Fenichel's Clinical Pediatric Neurology:A Signs and Symptoms Approach" I already am aware of Bradley's and Victor Adams any other recommendations?