May 18, 2017
I observed at a skilled nursing facility last year for about 30 hours and have been trying to get my hours verified. I observed a PT, a PTA, and an OT work together with patients.

I was unable to get the PT to verify my hours as she doesn't work at the facility anymore and she didn't recognize my name when I talked to her over the phone to verify my hours. So I talked with the rehab director of the facility and she agreed to verify my hours, however the rehab director is an OT and not a PT.

Do you guys think schools will be okay with the OT verifying my hours?

Under the ptcas page it says
"If an office administrator at the facility will verify your hours in lieu of the physical therapist, enter the name and email address for the office administrator."

She was the supervisor and rehab director of the facility, but there is no way to acknowledge that in the PTCAS portal. What do you guys think?
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