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May 17, 2016
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I am wondering what my chances are to getting into a OTD program preferably Belmont, Mary Baldwin, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, and/or Virginia Commonwealth.

Undergrad: University of South Carolina
Major: Exercise Science
Overall GPA: 3.71
Pre-Req GPA: 3.7 (all A's except for B's in anatomy and physiology)

Current Graduate Program: Medical University of South Carolina
Program: Masters in Public Health -Epidemiology tract
Current GPA: 3.7 (should only improve until graduation)

GRE: I have not taken the GRE yet

Relevant Work Experience:
4 years as an assistant swim coach
3 summers teaching swim lessons to children of all ages (swim instructor coordinator last summer)
2 years as a peer tutor at USC in physics, organics, abnormal psych, and developmental psych

Also, I received Graduation with Leadership Distinction in Professional and Civic Engagement

OT Experience: 100 hour practicum at a private pediatric OT clinic
10 hours in public school district (maximum time allowed in my area)
12 hours in private Montessori school
50 hours in rehab OT facility
120 additional hours at the same facility as my practicum was completed at

Also, 15 hours in developmental pediatric clinic and observing autism diagnostic testing and 60 hours shadowing in pediatric free clinic

Volunteer Work has included assisting in therapeutic horseback riding lessons for special needs children and adults, special olympics, campus held events for children, 50 hours in adult free clinic, and other stuff I can't think of without pulling up my resume

Next semester I plan to complete a 250 hour internship in autism research.

I hope to receive letters of recommendation from the lead therapist at the location where the most shadow hours were completed, a graduate school professor in the School of Medicine at MUSC, and another depending on the schools' requirements.

I am wondering what my chances are for acceptance thus far.
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