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  1. F

    Mistake on Primary Application!

    I submitted my primary application back in May and it’s currently going through verification. I just so happened to be looking back through my app and realized that I mistakenly put 96 hours instead of 960 hours for a three month research internship. I’m so mad at myself, I printed my...
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  3. P

    ~Positivity and thoughts and rant of a premed*~

    Hi all, This will be somewhat of a rant so sorry to whoever wastes a minute reading it before realizing they would rather do anything else. I am graduating my SMP with a GPA in the 3.5-3.6 range. Not the greatest I know but I am hoping with my high MCAT, a miracle may come my way at my state...
  4. P

    SMP / MD acceptances

    Hi, What are the chances of an MD school from a top SMP with a GPA of 3.5-3.6? For a non-traditional applicant without an undergrad major in biomedical sciences. I know higher is expected and in retrospect, I probably should have done a regular physiology master's since I did not have a very...
  5. ScrubswithnoSleeves

    Application Horror Stories

    Here is a thread to vent your application horror stories and potentially help other applicants avoid situations you fell victim to. I will start with the awful event that inspired me to start this thread: I received an email today that my application was withdrawn from one of my top choice...
  6. chunkyfilms

    Should I take another semester of science courses and re-take 1yr of General Chemistry?

    I graduated from college almost 2 years ago but I've been doing a DIY post-bacc among working and other things. I'm currently taking 3 courses this semester but in 8-week sessions. Anatomy & Physiology 1 (4 credits) just finished a few days ago and I got an A (4.0). Now I have Anatomy &...
  7. H

    WAMC? ORM, 508, 3.86cGPA/3.78scGPA, strong clinical exp., MD/DO

    What are my chances? Hope the detail is more informative and helpful than it is annoying to you. I’m applying for 2021. Thanks for reading From New York, no other ties. 24 y/o white male (will be 25 if/when i matriculate) Finished undergrad december, 2018. Undergraduate major: anthropology...
  8. B

    Med School List Help - 3.92 GPA, 521 MCAT

    Hi, I am trying to finalize my list of Med Schools before applying. I think particularly I am looking to add some mid-tier med schools to swap out some of the t20 research ones because I haven't done much research. But any sort of advice would be helpful! I am taking a gap year where I am in the...
  9. X

    If you submitted FAP since April 20, when were you approved?

    Just trying to figure out a timeline, since this process has historically been very fast but is heavily delayed due to COVID-19. I submitted on May 1st, but still haven't heard back yet... When did you submit and when were you approved/are you still waiting?
  10. rntodoctor

    Pass/Fail Pre-Med Courses

    Hi all! I'm currently a Registered Nurse turned Post-bacc Pre-med student. Due to the circumstances of this semester (finals were cancelled due to Corona Virus outbreak on campus), I was wondering about the risks of having a class reported as pass/fail on my transcript. We were given the option...
  11. Z

    School List insight/general recommendations

    Planning on submitting opening day for 2021 cycle: White Male 24 NYS Resident. 3.58 cgpa 3.43 sgpa, liberal arts honors program 508 mcat (126,128,127,127) 2.5 years undergraduate research/summer fellowship, 5 poster presentations, 1 publication Currently 40 hrs Shadowing: MD, DO, and...
  12. power818

    Does my GPA matter that much after I have my acceptance?

    I got my phone call today that I am accepted to UAB through early decision! I have a 4.0 GPA, and I am wondering how important everyone thinks it is to maintain that. I started a full-time night shift job this summer that I am still working, and I’m wondering if it begins to become a problem if...
  13. A

    Average Grants and Scholarships Offered by Texas Medical Schools - Advice for A Pre-Med

    Hello everyone. This is a Texas Pre-Med here. While researching Medicine and Medical schools, I have been focusing, nowadays, on the grants and all the different types of aid I can receive if (Hopefully) I get accepted to a Medical school/various Medical schools. So, can you guys guide me on...
  14. X

    Should I retake? VERY unbalanced MCAT?

  15. M

    How is my application looking so far?

    Okay, so I need some advice. I am a sophomore Biology major with a 3.8 cGPA and 3.7 sGPA. MCAT: haven't taken yet, hoping for 510+ Community Service: I am very involved with my church and I have gone on multiple mission trips. Every year on Thanksgiving eve I go downtown and serve food to...
  16. A

    How should I proceed after Freshman Pre-Med year?

    Hey everyone! Hope all is well. So, I just recently joined this website in order to collect efficient wisdom and advice on my road to Medical school, and to (hopefully) pass them on. So, I am an undergraduate student who just completed Freshman year. I wanted to know, which extracurriculars...
  17. P

    Discussing withdrawal

    So I have 1 "W" on my transcript from dropping out of calculus based physics to just taking the algebra based. My reasoning isn't that great in the medical school eyes, as I was just basically getting lost in the math and didn't feel like I was learning that well, so I wanted to focus more on...
  18. FreeGibbs

    124 CARS, am I out of the running?

    I recently re-took the MCAT for the 3rd time, and got a 511 (128/124/129/130). My previous scores were 494 (122/122/125/125) taken on (07/17) and 510 (127/125/130/128) taken (01/19). I retook because of my first low CARs score on my 2nd retake. Having exhausted AAMC material in my 2nd retake, I...
  19. M

    Continue research or increase volunteer hours - low gpa URM

    With my cGPA = 3.2 and sGPA =2.7 as well as being an African American woman, I understand that my best chance of acceptance is at schools that are more service based than research based. By the time I apply next year, I am set to have 150 clinical volunteering hours ( hospital ED and hospice)...
  20. B

    Second Degree, SMP, or leave my dream to be a fantasy?

    Lol I tried to make the title rhyme to get you guys attention :happy: But my situation is quite serious. I caught myself between a rock and a hard place where I currently have a VERY low GPA and need to figure out what is the next step for me. Here's some context information: I grew up being...
  21. I

    Working at two different research labs at once?

    This may be a dumb question and a dumb decision, but how is this viewed? I feel that this may be a red flag? The different topics these labs investigate are equally interesting. Both are clinical research, if that matters. I am aware that both labs may have overlapping commitments, but if that...
  22. wysdoc

    The Republic of Texas XXXVIII : The Cowboy Code

    Starting this Texas Applicant talk and support thread for 2019-2020 application season. We usually post progress, news, and later, updates, acceptances, and Waitlist action regarding all the Texas medical schools. Try to keep technical questions about TMDSAS on the official TMDSAS questions...
  23. miram

    MD vs DO

    I’ve always wanted to go MD, but some poorer grades freshman and sophomore year have made my cGPA a 3.3 and my sGPA a 3.2. I am in a masters of physiology, where I have a 4.0 (that will continue after this semester). I’m really not sure if I should just go DO based on my undergrad GPA or try and...
  24. wysdoc

    *~*~*~*Official TMDSAS Questions Thread 2019-2020*~*~*~*

    Welcome one and all, to the TMDSAS 2019-2020 application cycle! I'm not going to repeat everything in the Application handbook but just some tips to save you from frustration. DON'T use the back button on your browser while working on your application. DON'T copy/paste your essays into the...
  25. M

    Help with medical school list + improving my app

  26. M

    Help compiling a school list + any suggestions to strengthen my app

    I've been reading many posts on sdn for the past few months and I've realized that a lot of you are very insightful so I'd appreciate any help/suggestions offered. Standing: Junior, applying in next year's cycle (meaning I will have a gap year) Currently attending a state school State of...
  27. flybynight79

    Clinical experience questions

    Does volunteering in a senior day center at a hospital count as clinical volunteering? The members have cognitive impairments. I've been volunteering at two centres: one for moderate-severe members and the other for mild impairments. The problem is that they're not referred to as patients...
  28. M

    Will medical schools see my second MCAT score?

    So here is my current situation. I currently got a 499 on my MCAT (RIP) but I plan on retaking in August and I expect to do significantly better. My plan right now is to apply in June. My question is whether or not medical schools will see me signed up in August to take it again and whether...
  29. A


  30. M

    Is having a letter of recommendation from a priest frowned upon by adcoms?

    I was wondering if asking for a letter of recommendation from a priest I have grown close with would be frowned upon by adcoms. Much of my ECs have come from serving at my church in various activities for many years. I believe he could write me a strong letter of recommendation because of how...
  31. B

    MCW vs. Penn State vs. SLU vs. Temple (pending)

    I'm having a hard time deciding which school to attend. I enjoyed my interview days at each school and got a great vibe everywhere. I'm from California and intend on matching back home in NorCal. I don't plan on specializing in some competitive surgical subspecialty, but that could change...
  32. angryfruitbat

    MD cGPA 3.81; sGPA 3.75; MCAT TBD

    Hi all, I go to a Texas public school and plan to apply May 2019. I still have this Spring semester left and haven't taken the MCAT. Currently I have a cGPA of 3.81 and sGPA of 3.75. I'm worried about my ECs. When I apply I will have: ~100 hours clinical volunteering (patient check in at local...
  33. angryfruitbat

    Former Army National Guard and Medical School

    Hi all, I am currently serving in the Texas Army National Guard and will be administratively separated soon (within a month or so). I was transferred to a medical command unit after an injury from which I am being discharged honorably. I never deployed, so I won't be considered a veteran. How...
  34. P

    Clinical Experience

    Someone brought to my attention recently that med schools generally want clinical volunteering over paid clinical work -- does anyone know the accuracy to this? I have gotten a paid job as basically a CNA, so would this fulfill the unwritten clinical requirement (even though it is not...
  35. D

    Resume Builder: Take a medical course this summer!

    Georgetown School of Medicine offers two summer medical courses (Gross Anatomy and Physiology). A transcript is given at the end of the course from the medical school, indicating you have successfully completed a medical school course. Grades are given as well. We take rising juniors and...
  36. C

    I might have shot myself in the foot...

    Hello SDN. Sorry about the length of the original post, its my first time using the forums. Background - Age: 24 - Ethnicity: Filipino (Born in the Philippines, moved to America and became an American Citizen) - State of Residence: NJ - Major: B.S. Science w/ Minor in Psychology at a 4-year...
  37. F

    sGPA higher than cGPA

    Hello all! I need some help/advice on the way ADCOMS at med schools view sGPA over cGPA. I have a 3.75 sGPA and a 3.55 cGPA, reason being I did not start taking any Pre-med/science classes until my sophomore year as I was not sure what I wanted to major in my Freshman year along with that I also...
  38. dvalois

    Advice Regarding an Update

    Hey fellow SDNers, I have a question regarding updating schools before an interview invite. I am lucky enough to already have an acceptance to an OOS school but am really crossing my fingers and hoping for an interview with one of my state schools close to where I live (secondary already...
  39. P

    Retaking my Pre-med prereqs at a community college

    Hey guys, i just need a little help deciding if i should retake my prereqs at a community college or 4 year college. i graduated from one of those private unis that charged up the ass. I've read some other blogs online that suggest retaking your reqs at the same school you did bad in to show...
  40. 6

    URGENT! Best Way to Get A Last Minute LOR through email

    Here's my situation: I'm applying to post bacc programs now and one of them I just found out about has a Nov. 1st deadline. However they require two LORs which I was not expecting. I have two professors in mind that I want to ask but I want to ask them asap so they can have time to do it...
  41. insaiyan-premed

    Which Post bacc/Smp would be good?

    Graduated this May with B.S. in Biochemistry GPA trend is weird 3 semesters with a 2.6-2.7, 3 with 3.0-3.1 and 3 with 3.7-3.85 My last semester I took a decent amount of upper-level courses and did well. I got a B+ in Immunology though, and prereqs are mostly Bs. Didn't know I wanted to pursue...