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Jul 17, 2011
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I was curious from a business perspective:

What are the finanical benefits of a partnership?
What are the benefits in general for a partnership?
How do you go about finding a partnership?
Right out of school or down the line?

Just any advice or info from current dentists in a partnership? Or if you against it. I would just like to hear some ideas and information for or against it.

Apr 21, 2012
Dental Student
I'm not sure about the business aspect...

Few questions though (that you should ask yourself):

Are you a female? Planning on having a family? It'd be nice to have a partner for maternity leave no? But, I do know a female dentist who has a friend cover for her whenever she's pregnant. I don't know the financial details...

Will you be seeing lots of patients, as in there will be patients waiting for chairs? Or will you be getting breaks in between patients? You probably don't know if you don't have an office yet, but if you start experiencing more of the former, it may be time to expand the office and get a partner.

Do you want to take a lot of vacations? I know plenty of dentists who just don't schedule patients for 2-3 weeks around the year, but if you don't think that works for you then it may be good to get a partner and schedule alternative vacations.

It may be helpful to have a partner that can do stuff you can' wouldn't have to refer anything out= more income. Plus, your partner can help you handle the business aspects.

Just my $0.02 I real advice but questions to ponder and ask other dentists. Hope it helps! :)