1. dannibambi

    Discharging a Previous Therapist's Patients Whom I've Never Treated?

    Hello, I have a question about d/c: I work for a small-practice clinic in which I am the only therapist (and a recent grad) and the owners of the practice are physicians. They just told me to d/c the previous therapist's patients from last year, whom I have never seen or treated. The patients...
  2. J

    Taking Patient Vitals

    So I started out shadowing this doctor and now I volunteer for him and take patient vitals (height,weight, bp), as well as take patient history and review patient medication. I am applying to medical school next year so I just wanted to know if any of these things are illegal/frowned...
  3. G

    Anonymize patient notes?

    Does anyone here have a good method for keeping their patient notes anonymous so if they are lost there is no HIPAA breach? In other words, I keep papers in my pockets for all of my patients. Of course I try to never lose track of one but I could see it happening in the hustle and bustle. I do...
  4. B

    Patient contact

    I am in my first clinical year as a medical student. It is really the first time we have been 'let loose' on the wards. I have enjoyed learning about physiology, pathology, investigations and treatment as I really like the puzzle solving side of medicine. However I have been struggling with the...
  5. J

    What are the PTCAS patient diagnoses/populations options? [SOLVED]

    I'm doing my first job shadow on Thursday and I want to make sure to record the patient diagnoses/populations I observe so I can enter the information on the PTCAS in a few years. This page says you check off boxes, but doesn't mention the options you're given. Does anyone have a list of the...
  6. L

    Is it ethical to give my professor/doctor a gift as a thank you for treating me for free?

    I'm a medical student. I recently had a medical problem and went to one of the cardiology attendings at my teaching hospital for a check up, because he's the best in the field where I live. I didn't have any medical insurance lol. He was really kind and didn't let me pay a penny. He even went as...
  7. Snickerdoodle1996

    Ways to get patient care hours without certificate/training?

    Hi everyone, What is the best way to get direct patient care hours without going through training and having to get a certificate? I am really short on time and dont have any patient care hours yet for PA school so I am freaking out because I recently changed my major.
  8. G

    Does Scribing = Patient Contact?

    Is scribing considered patient contact? Do Medical Schools place premiums/look highly upon applicants with significant scribing experience (1 year~)?
  9. M

    Does my clinical experience have to come through volunteering?

    I have over 200 hours of non-clinical volunteer work in a soup kitchen and an additional 100 hours of volunteer coaching a youth sports team. Additionally, I have worked as a nurse's aide for over 1,000 hours over the past couple of years. I have a lot of direct patient care experience, but...
  10. DansStudentDocRole

    Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances to get into a great med school?

    To Whom It May Concern: Hi. I'm premed. I'm a college senior. I work as a NY hospital nurse attenant and I'm about to become a Union Delegate (healthcare insurance Workers pay organization). Would being a Union Delegate hinder my chances into getting accepted into a medical school? I ask...
  11. YellowTurtle

    Starting to see patients not going well

    I'm an MS2. I recently started seeing real patients in the hospital on my own for the first time. The goal is for me to get comfortable with doing h/p's independently as I get ready for 3rd year. The first couple were kinda bumpy but the people were fairly friendly. However, I was supposed to...
  12. widmaerjm


  13. B

    Blood markers of inflammation?

    I was hoping someone could help me understand what markers can be used to measure inflammation in patients that could be a sign of cardiovascular disease. I've read that neutrophil to leukocyte ratio and WBC count are used, but anyone elaborate on this for me? Say a patient goes to the doctor...