1. H

    Patient not following the treatment sequences

    One of my patients only had an IPT on one side of his mouth, but he insisted that the student who already graduated did all of them. I don’t see any records of him having an IPT on the other side and a 1 month eval. He wasn’t willing to come back until after 6 months. I can’t confirm it with the...
  2. X

    Good CV building opportunity in dental office in Washington

    We are a booming GP clinic in the seattle metropolitan area that treat all aspects of dentistry. In addition to common general dentistry procedures, we do oral surgery, implants, root canal treatments, endo surgeries and Invisalign. It’s a unique opportunity to witness the full potential of GPs...
  3. E

    How to go about filling in the holes in my app? Should I apply now anyway?

    Have been really struggling to interpret my application since I think I have some pretty big gaps in there (namely lack of volunteering, clinical stuff). What schools should I aim for? Northwestern/Columbia would be a dream but not sure how much of a reach those will be. State/Country of...
  4. Leftpaw


  5. F

    D3/4 procedure requirements

    Hello all, I am a current D2 and was wondering about the requirements for clinical procedures once I enter into the clinic my 3rd and 4th year? Basically, how many of each procedure (rough estimate/a few examples) are we supposed to carry out to ensure that we meet the appropriate requirements...
  6. kflo

    Medical Software Beta Study - $50 Gift Card Gratuity

  7. Stagg737

    Outpatient year

    I'm now 2 months into my outpatient year and have finally started hitting a good groove with outpatient clinics. I'm actually not minding outpatient nearly as much as I thought I would, but I see a huge amount of variation between the clinics that I work in and definitely look forward to some...
  8. Akam ahz

    Designing patient's data sheet

    Hello, I am a dental student, and I am trying to design a data sheet for my future patients. I want my data sheet to be as brief as possible, but still I want it to provide sufficient information. I have designed a sample of it, and I would like that you give it a glance and tell me what do...
  9. M

    Temple (OOS) vs. UDM vs. UMD (OOS) vs. UK (OOS)

    In terms of clinical experience, out of Temple, Maryland, Detroit-Mercy, and University of Kentucky which would be at the top and what makes them special? Do they schedule their own patients? Place implants? Have their own chair? Each schools individual requirements? If current dental students...
  10. B

    Does working in a Communication Disorders and Speech and Hearing Clinic count as clinical experience?

    Hello, I am considering applying for a position in a Communication Disorders and Speech and Hearing Clinic, but I also need to gain more clinical experience and I was wondering if working in a clinic like this one would be considered clinical experience? Thank you.
  11. Doohickey550

    Focus on pediatrics in FM

    I am currently an FM resident and I have a very strong interest in pediatrics. My goal is to try to end up practicing mostly in a pediatric setting after residency. I haven’t really decided on the exact setting that I’d like to be in, but traditionally, I have not really enjoyed working in...
  12. M

    Flexible time in rheum fellowship

    So for my second year of rheum fellowship, we get a bit of flexibility in deciding our schedules. I have 2 days a week I can fill however I want--research/flex time, continuity clinic, ultrasound/injection clinic, other subspecialty clinics. I've had such a busy first year that I'm kind of...
  13. RaginMD

    Comfortable women's shoes for wards and surgery, what should I buy?

    First and foremost I'm broke as hell so I'm not buying $200 shoes at the moment. Just trying to figure out what to get in terms of affordable and comfortable shoes to wear on clinic days and then a good pair of sneakers or something for the OR or the days I wear scrubs, especially since I have...
  14. sasukeuchiha33

    Volunteering in clinic vs hospital?

    Hey everyone! So I just finished up my first year of college and started clinical volunteering last month. I have already amassed about 20 hours, which I know isn’t really that much, but if I do around 20 hours every month over the next 2 years that will leave me with well over 400 hours in the...
  15. C

    Pre-dent changing to pre-PA

    Hi guys! I graduated in 2017 and on my track to dental school. I actually applied to dental school that year but got rejected to all because I took my DAT too late. However, later tht year I decided that dentistry isn't for me, plus I'm not ready to take on a huge debt afterwards (300-500k...
  16. 2

    Free Clinic Volunteer Opportunities in DC/Maryland/Virginia Area?

    I was wondering if any of you have had any volunteer positions at a free clinic in the DMV area that allowed you to have hands-on experience, such as doing intake for patients? I have not had any luck in finding a clinic and I don't want to get stuck with an administrative position that will end...
  17. redence

    Can a PA open their own clinic/practice?

    I'm interested in the PA profession but at the same time also interested in business, so I was wondering if a PA could open up their own practice, what about in New York? I heard that they need a MD supervising them. Who would get the money? Would the PA's have to pay the doctor(s) the most of...
  18. D

    VR clinic training in dental school?/?

    I watched this week's "the good doctor" and saw how Melendez and Sean used VR to simulate surgery on a patient. This seems like a great way to practice one's skills and I was wondering if there are any VR softwares for dental students to practice what they learn in clinic after hours.
  19. S

    Free Check List for Starting OT/SP/PT Clinic

    My girlfriend, who is an OT and I (MBA) just have started an Pediatric OT Clinic in Atlanta, GA. It has taken us about 6 months to get our clinic off the ground and getting reimbursed :-) We both left our jobs 4 months ago.. You can do it too.. No more Atlanta Traffic for me.. I have a...
  20. L

    Am I starting too young?

    Hi! I've been lurking the pre-vet forums for quite awhile but have yet to see any answers to my (many) questions and decided I might as well just ask. :) Anyway, I'm 16 and am going into my junior year of high school. I've been thinking about careers and I keep getting drawn into vet med - and...
  21. L

    Practicing in a Clinic vs. a Hospital

    What are the primary differences between practicing in a hospital and a clinic and how come some doctors practice in a clinic but also work at least part-time in a hospital?
  22. iamironman

    Which books you guys recommend to use during Internal medicine, pediatrics and ObGyn rotations?

    In 3rd and 4th year what resources should I use to nail the wards and also the boards/CK? Which are clinical books most important to get the most out of rotations? My rotations are going to start soon so a bit worried about this.
  23. H

    Future of Medicine

    Hey everyone! I was wondering about a few things in the next ten to twenty years of medicine. I am an undergraduate student, Molecular Biology Major, and hoping to pursue medicine in the future. This will be my last year, (I have taken my MCAT and have everything set to go). I am deciding on my...
  24. M

    "Real Medical Doctor" vs DO, according to a practicing MD

    Came across this gem of a web site http://www.advancedskinofoc.com/about/ Dr. Lauber is a board certified Jewish Dermatologist. More importantly, he is a real Medical Doctor, and not an inferiorly educated or inferiorly trained DO or Osteopathic doctor. According to Yelp, his patients love...
  25. D

    Very Good Resource for Students in Clinic; Clinic Manual

    A couple of the students at my dental school / helpful faculty got together and published a clinic 'survival guide' that almost every incoming third year purchases before coming into clinic. Our school doesn't provide sort of manual for the transition from classroom to clinic so most people find...
  26. L

    EPPA Scribe Positions in Minnesota

    Men and women wanted for hazardous journey to medical/PA or health professions school. Potential for late nights, early mornings, cognitive and physical exhaustion; uncompromising professional integrity a must. EPPA Medical Scribe Program seeks the next generation of physician, PA and other...
  27. Robert W Jones

    Advertisement Appointment Reminders Software - GetReminds - only $49/mo

    Hi everyone, Check our new software as a service for doctors and clinics, GetReminds.com. GetReminds automates appointment reminders process and reduces no-shows by 70%. We have successful cases where GetReminds generate $6500/mo. Call us today at (646) 757-1654 for a Demo or any other...
  28. E

    Advice for Freshman in College

    Hi, I am a freshman, planning on applying to med school after my junior year so that I do not take a gap year, ideally. Right now, I am involved with several volunteer-based clubs at my university, but looking forward, I would like to get any advice on how/when to gain clinical experience such...
  29. acnelson13

    Perio Residencies

    Hey all, I'm applying to Perio this summer 2016 to (hopefully) start in summer of 2017. There are lots of threads on here about residencies from '06 or '07 and I wanted to know some more current/up-to-date info about various perio residencies around the nation. Which programs are heavy...
  30. C

    Rental space next to school available to new practice or practitioner

    Professional building has space available for new ortho to start practice in St. James, MO, small community of 4500 population, next door to Rolla, MO (university town of 20,000 pop.) Rolla has multiple dentists and 2 orthodontists, while St. James has 1 dentist but no orthodontists. This is...
  31. Signifier

    Materials for studying *clinically relevant* anatomy?

    Hi all! I completed half of MS3 and I'm currently taking a research year. I'd like to review medicine a bit during my time away from rotations, and one area I'd like to focus on is clinically relevant anatomy. I did well in my MS1 anatomy thread and I learned a ton of stuff, but most it now...
  32. ckwsnik

    Clinical Experience: Tufts, Columbia, Uconn, Stony brook, University of Colorado

    If anyone has any insight or could elaborate on the level of clinical experience at the following schools it would be greatly appreciated! Pros/Cons/Postgrad strengths etc. (Tufts, Columbia, Uconn, Stony brook, and the University of Colorado.)
  33. JustinLeeDPT

    GREAT OPPORTUNITY for a PT who wants to OWN their own clinic

    Hello fellow PTs! My name is Justin Lee, I am a Physical Therapist from Los Angeles, California. I'm a DPT who's an entrepreneur at heart. I've started 2 successful businesses in college, one of which was a mobile technology company that served PTs around the US. Currently, I am the owner and...
  34. T

    Clinical Experience Options?

    Hey Everyone, I am currently a premed sophomore and thinking about starting clinical volunteering or training to work for a clinical job. I was just wondering what clinical experience option to go for. As far as I know, the main options are EMT, scribing, and volunteering at a clinic or...