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Jan 17, 2019
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hey, i am going over the kaplan book for the quantitative portion. what resources(books, videos,etc) are good for math? i am not so good with calculus.

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Hi @Suyasha! Another option that you could consider are the official Pearson practice tests at Official PCAT Practice Test - Pharmacy College Admission Practice Test. One of the ways that helped me learn the material for the PCAT was to do as many practice questions as I could. It was completely okay for me to make mistakes because making mistakes helped me learn the material better. Plus, it does a great job of simulating an actual test because it is administered by Pearson.

I hope this helps!
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This is a resource that I found years ago on SDN that is super helpful. There's 120 problems and the answers are also in the document in the second half. Hope this helps!