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May 19, 2008
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Hey there,

I'm new here, been lurking a lot :p but finally decided to participate hehe.

I'm taking the PCAT in about a month or so.. and I have some questions.

For the Quantitative section, what level of math should I be expecting? I know there will be calculus and I'm fairly comfortable with that, is there gonna be any of the "hard stuff" (ie: beyond the polynomial integrals that you can easily solve with x^(n+1)/(n+1))? Is there going to be anything on infinite sums and series, because I learned that in my calc class and I'm a bit worried if those show up... Just wondering how much of the 48 questions in Quantitative will be actually calculus?

Also, I skimmed through some books with PCAT tests and I saw some statistics questions, so I was wondering how in-depth we'd have to know stats? I took a stats course in 2nd year (I finished 2nd year just now) and I was horrible in it, so will there be anything dreaded in terms of stats or is it just pretty shallow (like looking at distributions)?

And so far I've been studying with Kaplan and I also have an MCAT orgo book because I've heard that Kaplan wasn't nearly good enough for ochem and I think ochem is my weakest section. Is there anything else that Kaplan doesn't cover sufficiently? I heard Quantitative was one too, so any tips for studying that section or am I going to make it by just reviewing my first year calculus notes?