PCOM Summer Biochem 2004

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May 28, 2003
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Just called PCOM about the summer biochem course.

July5 Tour,IDs,syllabus
July14 No class
July16 Test

I emailed the registar on Monday about this and some other stuff but have yet to hear back from them.

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Is this the same as the Summer Start Program?
Not Sure. But when I talked to the lady in the Biochem office she told me that when students who attend the summer biochem program get ID badges that they do not have to repeat the process again in August. Although I do not know how the summer biochem class can start on July 5th if it is a holiday. This is just what the lady in the biochem/Mol. Bio office told me today(3-18-04). So maybe it starts a week later on July 12th.

The PCOM calendar list summer start on June 14th.
I think the info available on the pcom web site sucks. It lacks any details and I wish they'd be more organized with schedules and send us stuff. But I still can't wait to start school!