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Jan 6, 2011
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Hey Guys,

I'm an medical resident who will likely be moving to St Louis for fellowship in a year. My wife is a pediatric dental resident and we were both curious if anyone knew how the dental market was in St Louis? Her career is very important to us both and It would great if there plenty of options.



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Jun 3, 2010
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Population to dentists ratio

St. Louis Mayor: Census Figures A 'Wake-Up Call'
In St. Louis, the population decline is largely among children, indicating that families are fleeing the city. St. Louis's under-18 population declined by 22,100 over the decade, while the number of adults declined by less than 7,000. "We know the demographics of those coming and leaving," Slay says. "When you have 22,000 fewer kids, that tells you something pretty clearly."

St Louis Business Journal

Hope that helps
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