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anyone use this book for peds anesthesia board review? I’m finding it very difficult which is discouraging me from taking the exam. Is the exam easier than this book or what?

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I don't believe this book was on the market when I took exam in 2014. After browsing through it from your link it definitely looks a lot more thorough then the actual board exam (at least the one in 2014). I wouldn't be discouraged, though. Most people that I have talked to who put in even a modest amount of effort into preparing for the exam felt that they over studied and had no problem passing it. I think that just the act of going over those questions and trying to understand the answer explanations (even the ones that you got wrong) will go a long way in preparing you for the board exam.

Might the pass machine book be better? The questions seem easier. If they are ‘hard enough’ I’d be a lot more confident about the exam. If it’s too easy then I’ll stick with that comprehensive review book or just give up (which has it’s own appeal).
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The pass machine was my primary method of study and I felt very well prepared for the exam. Good luck!
I only did the pass machine videos, at 1.5x speed, and crushed the exam. If you did a fellowship it’s a more than adequate review. I think the exam was too easy to accommodate the elder statesmen in the department leadership as well as the so called part time peds people who exaggerated their practice experience to qualify to take the exam.

Il Destriero
The Pass Machine was a useful review source. Pediatric Anesthesiology by Kai Matthes was a good question source if you need additional review materials. Although, I agree that completing a Pediatric Anesthesiology Fellowship is the most valuable preparation.
I did my fellowship 7-8 years ago before there was a subspecialty board exam and never took it. I decided to take it because my eligibility was expiring. I do enough peds to meet the requirement since I did the fellowship, but my ongoing experience is limited. Anyway I got my results today and passed. I did the Pass Machine questions twice and the anesthesiaqbank questions once. I felt there were lots of questions on the exam that were not covered at all by these sources but they provided enough review for me to get the pass starting basically from scratch having finished fellowship so long ago.
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