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May 2, 2012
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Literally asking for a friend. He doesn't want to come to this silly place.

So he's applying ACGME peds programs in the south with a level 1 score in the 530's. His prometric he was scheduled to take Level 2 at next week sent him an email stating "Breach of data security" and is shut down until they get things sorted out. They are doing their best to reschedule him, but it's not going well. It looks like his best option right now is to take Level 2 the second week of September locally unless he spends $800 on a plane ticket, which he can't afford.

So he's wondering if interviews will be offered without a Level 2 score report in Mid-October. I was able to find this information for basically any specialty except for peds for some reason.

Before you ask, no he didn't take USMLE and he will not. All/most of the programs he's applying to have alumnus from our school or he has reached out to them and they are more than happy to take comlex scores.
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