Pharmaceutical industry experience

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Nov 11, 2008
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Hello everybody! I was wondering how pharmacy schools perceive pharmaceutical industry experience. More specifically, I have been a research associate involved with pharmaceutical research. I know it probably varies between schools but does this generally count as being "pharmacy experience" to pharmacy schools? How valuable is this experience compared to other types of pharmacy experience (retail, community, hospital)?

Also, do schools take into consideration publications and patents that were awarded to research in pharmaceutical sciences?


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I'm not sure if it's entirely or always true but I've heard UCSF school of pharmacy highly value research experience and publications.

well, UCSF is a big name research institution, so look into UCSF for next year.

good luck:)
Well, VCU seems to at least like me for it seeing as I recently got accepted. I have no actual pharmacy experience. I have been working full-time in a pharmaceutical CRO (PPD) as a research scientist in the Immunochemistry R&D department and they seemed very interested in what I had been working on in the interview.

In the end, every single school is going to look at your app as a whole and take into account all of the factors to accept you into their program. Good Luck to you!