Pharmacy admissions question

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Feb 1, 2022
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Hi everyone!

I'm currently waiting for UCSD and too nervous to wait for the results and want to ask a question.
I asked the admissions team when would the results come out, and they said, "all applicants will be contacted by the end of February."
I have to submit the transcript for Fall 2021 which I SCREWED TOO MUCH, but it still doesn't obey the GPA requirements at all. Do you think would they consider this as well as a part of admissions or they would just not consider it at all? Does anyone have the same experience???

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A bit of a late response -

Not sure if I am tracking what you mean; you screwed your Fall 2021 transcript too you mean you do not meet the cut-off GPA requirements? To apply to the program, they would've required you to submit your grades via PharmCAS which should've included your official transcripts from Fall 2021. If you happened to submit your application prior to the finish of Fall 2021 semester, then you are obligated to meet minimum GPA requirements (including passing all prerequisites) prior to matriculation and need to submit your updated transcripts asap.

So yes, they will consider your grades from Fall 2021. However, admissions have been relaxed on minimum requirements and the standards have declined for many institutions throughout the past few cycles so I wouldn't put too much stress on how well or poor you did in one semester (so long as you've met the minimum requirements).
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